UN expert finds Egypts willingness to discuss human rights encouraging

“I was able to have open and extensive discussions with key stakeholders regarding the country’s counter terrorism law and practices,” Martin Scheinin, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, said on concluding a visit to the Middle Eastern country.The primary purpose of the visit, he explained, was to engage with officials and experts regarding a counter terrorism law that is intended to replace the state of emergency, scheduled to end on 28 May 2010. During his four-day visit, Mr. Scheinin met with the Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and officials in the ministries of foreign affairs, interior and justice, and also consulted with lawyers, academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and diplomats. He also met with the Chief of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, the Public Prosecution and high-level representatives of the Egyptian Council of Human Rights and Parliament, including the President of the People’s Assembly, he said. “I will continue my dialogue with Egypt with a view to submitting a full public report on its counter-terrorism law and practice by the end of 2009,” Mr. Scheinin said, stressing that the report will include finding and recommendations for consideration by the UN Human Rights Council. In that context, he discussed with authorities his wish to visit Egypt again in the near future, he saidMr. Scheinin, a Professor of Public International Law at the European University Institute, reports to the Human Rights Council in an independent, unpaid capacity, as do all UN Special Rapporteurs. 21 April 2009The willingness of the Government to discuss the subject of upholding human rights while countering terrorism is “most encouraging,” an independent United Nations expert said today. read more

Deteriorating situation in Darfur leaves UN extraordinarily concerned – Annans deputy

“We are extraordinarily concerned,” Mr. Malloch Brown told reporters at UN Headquarters in New York, calling attention to the worsening humanitarian and security situation in the remote region in recent months and “the absence of a clear political path to the deployment of a UN force.”A draft resolution circulating among Security Council members outlines the size and scope of a possible UN peacekeeping operation, which would replace the current mission of the African Union (AU). But so far the Sudanese Government has said it is opposed to having blue helmets in Darfur.In a closed-door briefing yesterday, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hédi Annabi told the Council that Khartoum is building up its armed forces in Darfur, an apparent sign that it is determined to pursue a major military offensive there soon.The period since the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) in early May has been marked not only by fierce fighting, but also by an unprecedented number of attacks on humanitarian workers – in July alone there were 36 reported incidents that led to nine deaths.Mr. Annabi said some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have indicated they may be forced to withdraw entirely from North Darfur, one of three states which comprise the region, because of the dangers to their staff members.Last week Secretary-General Kofi Annan wrote to the Council to express his alarm about the situation, pointing out it has become much harder for those aid workers who remain to direct humanitarian assistance to those in need. As many as 1.6 million people are currently inaccessible, Mr. Annan said in his letter.Today, Mr. Malloch Brown urged the reporters to not forget about Darfur, despite the importance of other crises in the world.He acknowledged that it is “hard to keep two stories in the air at once” but stressed that “it is very, very important that we all pay lots of attention to Darfur.”Scores of thousands of people have been killed and more than 2 million others have been displaced since conflict erupted in 2003 between rebels, Government forces and allied militia groups in Darfur, a region roughly the size of France. read more

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day UN spotlights free media as vital

“Freedom of expression, independent media and universal access to knowledge will fortify our efforts to achieve lasting results for people and the planet,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, opening a briefing at UN Headquarters on “Media freedom for a better future: shaping the post-2015 development agenda.”The discussion mirrors the theme of this year’s World Press Freedom Day, which, along with proving an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of this freedom and to pay tribute to the journalists that have lost their lives in the line of duty, will spotlight the media’s importance in development; the safety of journalists and the rule of law; and the sustainability and integrity of journalism. The briefing will also feed into the major effort under way throughout the UN System to achieve a new development agenda to succeed the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Those targets, agreed by world leaders at a UN summit in 2000, aim to slash extreme hunger and poverty, cut maternal and infant mortality, combat disease and provide access to universal education and health care, all by the end of 2015.In his remarks, Mr. Ban said that every day of the year, the fundamental freedom to receive and impart ideas through any media is under assault, “to the detriment of us all.” Indeed, journalists are being singled out for speaking or writing uncomfortable truths – kidnapped, detained, beaten and sometimes murdered. “Such treatment is completely unacceptable in a world ever more reliant on global news outlets and the journalists who serve them,” said the UN chief. He told the briefing that last year, 70 journalists were killed; many caught in the cross-fire of armed hostilities. Fourteen more have suffered the same fate this year. Also last year, 211 journalists were being held in prison. Some 456 journalist have been forced into exile since 2008. And since 1992, well over 1,000 journalists have been killed – nearly one per week.“These are alarming figures. Behind each statistic stands a man or a woman simply going about their lawful business,” the Secretary-General said, stressing that there must be no impunity for those who target journalists for violence, intimidation or distorted uses of legal procedures to disrupt or impede their work.As for the post-2015 agenda, he said free media, traditional and new, are indispensable for development. They can promote transparency about the new goals that Member States will adopt – progress as well as shortfalls. “Social media and mobile technologies offer new tools for accelerating citizen participation and economic and social progress,” he said, adding that the media’s watchdog function is essential for holding Governments, businesses and others to account. “On this World Press Freedom Day, I call on all Governments, societies and individuals to actively defend this fundamental right as critical factors in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and advancing the post-2015 development agenda,” said Mr. Ban. Echoing those sentiments, John Ashe, President of the UN General Assembly, said freedom of expression and freedom of the press are fundamental rights that form an essential pillar of democratic societies. “When journalists are able to report freely, they support informed citizen participation in political and social processes and promote civic engagement,” he added.Mr. Ashe recalled that in December 2013, the Assembly adopted for the first time a resolution condemning all attacks and violence against journalists and media workers, and proclaimed 2 November as the International Day to end Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. “Our Assembly called upon Member States to promote a safe and enabling environment for journalists to perform their work independently and without undue interference. In this regard, the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity is an important multi-stakeholder mechanism,” he said, adding that only by ensuring that journalists can work safely and without fear will they be able to give voice to those who do not have one, tell stories that are untold and help build open and transparent societies. read more

Brock horror and science fiction expert reveals Top 5 scary films of

Trick-or-treating, Jack-O’-Lanterns and scary movies. What better way to prepare yourself for Halloween than to binge watch the Top 5 horror films of all time, according to a Brock University expert on horror cinema.Barry Grant, Professor in the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film, is internationally known for his research on horror and science fiction films and has written or edited more than two dozen books on the topic.“Horror movies aim to rudely move us out of our complacency in daily life by way of negative emotions such as horror, fear, suspense, terror and disgust,” says Grant, who’s Planks of Reason: Essays on the Horror Film released in 1984 was the first scholarly anthology on horror and helped make the genre an acceptable field of academic inquiry. “Horror addresses fears that are universally taboo and respond to historically and culturally specific anxieties.”Grant’s research explains how these films offer a release of our own (and collective) fears by providing us with vicarious, but controlled thrills.Although admittedly challenging, Grant gives his Top 5 picks for horror films in chronological order:Frankenstein (James Whale, 1931)“The film that established horror as a viable genre in Hollywood during the classic studio era and made Universal the most important studio making horror movies. With its gorgeous Expressionist design, Frankenstein and those that followed, whether they featured the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, the Wolfman or the Mummy, looked very different from the glossy kinds of movies being turned out by MGM or Paramount or the tough movies produced by Warner Bros. The film also made a star of British actor Boris Karloff, whose sensitive portrayal of the creature compensated for the drastic departures from Mary Shelley’s source novel.” Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)“The foundation of contemporary horror, its shocks are perfectly timed by director Alfred Hitchcock, who claimed he played the audience like a piano. Psycho brought horror home to middle America from exotic foreign places like Transylvania. Tellingly, the film begins in sunny midafternoon in a mundane hotel. The shower scene is the most famous sequence in film history along with the Odessa Steps sequence in Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925).”Night of the Living Dead (George Romero, 1968)“George Romero’s independent film, made in Pittsburgh, shocked audiences then and retains its power even today. Romero rewrote zombie folklore, making the undead unquenchable cannibals as well, and in the process creating a new monster mythology that resonated with contemporary audiences on several levels. One by one the film assaults the genre’s conventions and the expectations we once brought to the horror experience.”The Devils (Ken Russsell, 1971)“British enfant terrible Ken Russell was known for his flamboyant excesses and violations of British propriety. Some might well describe all his films as horrifying, although he only made two actual horror films: the campy Lair of the White Worm (1988), based on a Bram Stoker novel, and The Devils (1971), based on The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley. In recounting the events that transpired during the Inquisition in 17th century Loudon, the devils of the film’s title are hardly supernatural and all too real. The hysteria, collusion and corruption detailed in the film are much more frightening than any levitating beds or rotating heads.”Dead Alive (A.K.A. Brain Dead) (Peter Jackson, 1992)“There is a distinct tradition of comedy in horror, which in its more recent graphic phase has been dubbed ‘splatstick,’ a combination of the two forms. It culminates in Peter Jackson’s gorefest of sight gags, which no less an authority than Sam Raimi, director of the cult classic The Evil Dead (1981), described as ‘the intolerance of splatstick.’”To learn more about the horror genre, read Grant’s essay on Screams on Screens: Paradigms on Horror. Grant is also doing a live YouTube interview at 12:45 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 31 on the topic of De-Coding Horror. read more

Shopkeeper describes miracle escape from massive explosion in Leicester that killed five

first_imgRescuers search for people in the rubble Firefighters work to contain the blazeCredit:Chris Roe/Chadwicks Witnesses have described how people were clawing through the rubble in an attempt to look for survivors. One described how a group of men who ran to the scene lifted a girder off an adult casualty and turned to help a boy, who then managed to get to his feet.The blast took place at the former Western Park Store which changed to Zabka Leicester on January 2. One worker, named only as Victoria, is feared missing.  “He is in a daze, he said his mum and his brothers were watching TV and then the next thing he knows bricks were falling over him, and then it was pitch black. “He was crying for help and somebody just pulled him out of the rubble and wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the hospital. “He still doesn’t know his family are missing, he thinks they might be injured somewhere but he doesn’t know where they are, neither does the father, I don’t know what to tell then when I go back now.” He said that he had still not received official confirmation.  Five people remain in hospital, including one in a critical condition. Residents said the “enormous” explosion shook properties up to 500 metres away and left many people inside houses in neighbouring streets in a state of shock. He added: “I think they have two or three kids. There was an old man and old lady.”Sometimes they would come into my shop.”I don’t know what happened to them as well. They are good people. I have not heard about them.”I feel sorry for those people who lost their lives. I don’t know if they are kids or young. I don’t know who’s dead.”Forget about the money, the most important [thing] is life.”Police updated the death toll after finding another body among the rubble before they were forced to pause rescue efforts amid fears a neighbouring property could collapse. Residents living in the streets off Hinckley Road in Leicester have told how they rushed to help those caught up in a massive blast amid fears that the majority of the casualties could come from the same family. He said he was unsure about what had happened to the residents of the flat above, but described them as “good people”. Emergency services are dealing with a fire in Hinckley Rd, Leicester. Incident will be the subject of a joint investigation with the fire service. Public asked not to speculate but at this stage there is no indication this is terrorist related. https://t.co/KXgeEHIVPe— LeicestershirePolice (@leicspolice) February 25, 2018 Mr Hartley, 33, said the boy, thought to be aged between 10 and 13, was able to walk after being freed.Matt Cane, Group Manager from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Crews have worked through the night, alongside Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service and other partner agencies, tackling the fire and searching the scene in order to locate any further survivors or casualties.  The owner of a shop has described how he escaped from an explosion that killed five people.The explosion caused a convenience store and the flats above it to collapse. Aram Kurd, 33, was in the shop at the time. He said had gone to the storeroom at the back of the shop to get some beers for him and an employee, Victoria when he heard a “loud bang”.He shouted out for Victoria, who had only be working at the store for two days, but has not heard anything from her since.Speaking to ITV Central, he said: “I was holding her phone at the time of the explosion as we had been watching YouTube videos.”I don’t know, I really hope that she’s alive. I was shouting Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!”I don’t know how it happened.”It was a big noise. I found myself up and then to the floor, for two or three minutes I couldn’t feel anything, I was looking up, my eyes were open.”I managed to pull himself from the rubble and climbed into the neighbouring garden.” Dramatic pictures show flames erupting from the store on Hinckley Road, Leicester, after witnesses told of hearing a “massive explosion.”Credit:Jason Senior/SWNS.com What the terraced building looked like before the blast Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “The area is still closed off and will be for some considerable time. We have traffic diversions in place and these will remain for the foreseeable future.”We are still waiting to hear what caused this terrible incident, but it looks likely it was a gas explosion.”We remain in close contact with the police and fire service and await their update on this.”Our thoughts and sympathies are with all of those affected. The city council will continue to do everything it can to support them and the local community to recover from this devastating event.” What the terraced building looked like before the blastCredit:Google Maps Krishna Rungen said his brother-in-law and 15-year-old nephew were pulled out of the rubble and are in hospital whilst his sister and her two older sons are still missing along with the girlfriend of one of the sons.  Speaking at the scene, Mr Rungen, 69, from Leicester, who refused to name his family members, said: “As I understand the 15-year-old was pulled out by a passerby and he’s was alright, he’s got a few cuts but he’s ok.  Neighbours were seen attempting to pull people from the wrecked building after the explosion at 7pm on Sunday, as firefighters spent seven hours tackling the huge blaze. A Leicestershire Police spokesman said: “Five people are now confirmed to have died following an explosion and fire at a building in Leicester last night. “Five others were taken to hospital, one of whom remains in a critical condition.”The rescue work at the scene of the former supermarket in Hinckley Road has been temporarily suspended due to the structural integrity of a neighbouring building, and the search and rescue work will resume shortly.”   Rescuers search for people in the rubbleCredit:Jason Senior/SWNS.com Aerial view of the scene of an explosion in Leicester Dramatic pictures show flames erupting from the store on Hinckley Road, Leicester, after witnesses told of hearing a "massive explosion." Sixty homes were evacuated and surrounding roads were shut as part of the emergency response after the building suffered what firefighters described as a “pancake collapse”.Tony Hartley, who lives around 50 yards away from the blast site, said: “I was standing in the kitchen and heard a bang so I ran up the road and could see glass everywhere.  #Leicester incident update. We have taken four patients to the Leicester Royal Infirmary at this stage @Leic_hospital Ambulance crews, our HART and @EMICS Drs remain on scene.— East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (@EMASNHSTrust) February 25, 2018 At least five people died after an explosion at a house in LeicesterCredit:Tristan Potter / SWNS.com Firefighters work to contain the blaze “Me and a friend lifted up a steel girder with about five other blokes and removed a bloke from underneath it.”We then turned round, saw rubble and heard a little boy crying.”There was me and another bloke sifting through the rubble and we managed to pull the boy out. “I said to him, ‘Is there anybody else in there?’ and he said, ‘My friend’s a metre back inside the building’ and that’s when the emergency services turned up.” “There are still pockets of fire in the basement area of the building. We have a significant number of specialist search and rescue teams who are supported by two search dogs, and this level of resourcing is likely to be in place throughout the day.“It may be some days yet before we will be able to establish the probable cause of the explosion.”last_img read more

Arsenic Life Could Help Clean Toxic Waste Produce New Fuel

first_imgMost of us were disappointed to learn that NASA’s new life form wasn’t an alien, but instead an arsenic based bacteria. But while that may not sound that exciting, the bacteria could potentially have plenty of green benefits.According to phosphorus expert Dr. James Elder, the newly discovered creatures could be put to use cleaning up toxic waste. Since arsenate is a common build-up with toxic waste, these creatures could be ideal for helping with clean up efforts. But that’s not all! Elder also says that there’s potential for an arsenic based ethanol, which could serve as a very efficient alternative fuel. As opposed to traditional ethanol, an arsenic-based one wouldn’t require the growing of crops. And, thanks to the arsenic, the new ethanol also wouldn’t be easily contaminated.These are all just ideas, of course, but they show that these tiny bacteria may just have a bigger impact here on Earth than we thought.Via io9last_img read more

Lowhanging wires brought down by truck in Dania Beach

Lowhanging wires brought down by truck in Dania Beach

first_imgDANIA BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A box truck took down low-hanging wires in Dania Beach, damaging a utility pole.Broward Sheriff’s Office and Fire Rescue responded to the scene near Northeast First Avenue and East Dania Beach Boulevard, Monday morning.Traffic was temporarily closed in the area as FPL fixed the damaged pole.Fire rescue confirmed that no one was injured.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

A Father A Husband An Immigrant Detained And Facing Deportation

A Father A Husband An Immigrant Detained And Facing Deportation

first_imgJed Conklin for NPRManuel, shown with his family, first came to the United States illegally more than two decades ago. He was one of the 143,470 immigrants arrested in the interior of the country last year by immigration authorities.The day was going to be perfect.Alex figured he would wake up at 6:30 a.m., help get his little brothers up and off to school and catch the bus by 7. After school, the 14-year-old would do something he had been looking forward to for weeks — play in his first football game.He would get to put on the team jersey — purple, with a camouflage print collar. And most importantly, his dad, Manuel, would be there, cheering from the sidelines.Instead, Alex woke up to his mom screaming and crying outside his bedroom door.By the time he got out of bed, it was too late. His dad was already gone — on his way to the county jail and then to immigration detention, where he would spend the next six months waiting to learn his future in the United States.Manuel came to the United States from Mexico illegally two decades ago. He is one of the 143,470 immigrants arrested in the interior of the country last year by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities. These kinds of arrests are up 25 percent compared with in 2016 — part of an effort by the Trump administration to fulfill a campaign promise to deport more immigrants who have come to the U.S. illegally.Manuel’s story points to a broader policy directive of President Trump’s first year in office. At a time when arrests at the border are at a 46-year low, the federal government has begun to go after people who were not targets under the previous administration: those in the U.S. interior who have lived in the country for years and who often have committed no crimes. In 2017, arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record increased by 42 percent compared with in 2016.Manuel’s case illustrates not only the giant, complicated bureaucracy involved in immigration enforcement but also the ripple effects one arrest can have on a family and a community.NPR obtained Manuel’s ICE file, which confirms the details of his history in the United States. At the family’s request, NPR has obscured some family member’s names and left other details vague because of their status in the country.Anatomy of an apprehensionManuel and his wife, V, grew up together in Sinaloa, Mexico. When they started dating as teenagers, V’s family objected: Manuel was from a poor family, and V from a wealthy one with ties to the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel.Jed Conklin for NPRManuel and his wife hold hands. He first crossed the border in 1995 after threats from his wife’s relatives, who didn’t approve of the relationship.Manuel first crossed the border in 1995, when he was still a teen, after V’s uncle tried to kill him by running him over with a car. Another time, the uncle put a gun to Manuel’s head. When Manuel returned to Mexico in 1997 to marry V, her relatives beat him up.Faced with near-constant threats, Manuel attempted to return to the U.S. in early 1998. That time, he was apprehended. He could have asked for asylum then, but he was 19 and didn’t understand immigration law. He was sent back to Mexico. Three days later, he crossed the border again, this time successfully.Now in his late 30s, Manuel was living quietly under the radar in the Pacific Northwest when immigration officials showed up that Monday morning in April.It was 5:30 a.m. He was preparing to leave for the first of the three jobs he worked to support his family.The agents said they came to investigate a report that Manuel was driving a stolen car. He had owned the car for years. When asked later, police couldn’t produce any reports about the stolen car.Then the agents asked Manuel for documents to prove his citizenship. He didn’t say anything. They told him he had a deportation order from 1998.The agents put Manuel in handcuffs. He asked the officers to let him say goodbye to his wife. He didn’t get to say goodbye to his kids. Apart from his illegal entry into the United States, Manuel had not been charged with any crimes.Jed Conklin for NPRAlex, 14, plays the accordion in his bedroom. He has been learning how to play one of his dad’s favorite songs, La Puerta Negra, or “The Black Door.” His grades suffered during his father’s detention.His son Alex didn’t make it to school that day. He did go to his football game, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his dad. Alex’s head wasn’t in the game. Eventually, the coach pulled him off the field. Within a few weeks, Alex’s grades had dropped so much that he wasn’t allowed to play at all.Over the next few months, Manuel tries to talk to his sons — age 8 to 19 — on the phone every night from the detention center where he is being held.“I tell them that they have to put a lot of effort into their schoolwork because they don’t have to pay for my error,” he says.Manuel remains hopeful he’ll get to go home. But he has also watched many of the friends he has made in detention get deported.Executing the law ‘across the board’The Trump administration is looking to expand the government’s capacity to detain immigrants in the country illegally. In May, the Department of Homeland Security asked Congress to fund 17,000 new beds in detention facilities — one-third more than the system’s capacity at the end of the Obama administration.That request comes at a time when the number of people crossing the border is lower than it was at the beginning of the Obama administration or during the George W. Bush and Clinton administrations. By the end of the Obama administration, the number of border crossers was actually dropping — and that trend has largely continued during the first year of the Trump presidency.Jed Conklin for NPRKeys hang by the backdoor of Manuel’s house. The whole family was affected by Manuel’s detention. Their oldest son had to drop out of college to support the family. Their younger sons, usually upbeat, began crying at school and some of their grades dropped.Decreased border crossings means more resources can be used to expand deportations in the country’s interior.Last January, ICE agents got a memo stating that “officers will take enforcement action against all removable aliens encountered in the course of their duties.” That memo was written by Matt Albence, director of enforcement and removal operations at ICE. He has been at the agency for six years, and as he sees it, officers’ hands were tied under the Obama administration.“The laws that Congress has passed and that our offices are sworn to uphold, we are now executing them faithfully across the board,” Albence told NPR in December.To be clear, President Barack Obama deported thousands of people each year, too. But under a 2014 executive order, Obama directed immigration agents to focus on two groups for deportation: border crossers upon entry and illegal immigrants with criminal records. The government would not target noncriminals in the country’s interior.In 2016, the last year of the Obama administration, these types of arrests accounted for 2.1 percent of total removals. In 2017, that figure climbed to 6 percent.Albence said that about 90 percent of the people arrested by ICE have had a prior run-in with the courts. That 90 percent includes people like Manuel, who had that deportation order for crossing the border 20 years ago.Anyone in the country illegally should know they are subject to deportation, Albence says.“There’s certainly a humanitarian perspective where you can feel sympathy for the individual and their circumstances,” he said. “But that does not mean we’re not going to enforce the law.”Albence says anyone who is in the U.S. illegally should stop violating the law. And if there is no way for them to get legal status — through family or employment — he says self-deportation “is certainly an option.”For people who’ve grown roots in a community, and raised American kids, self-deportation doesn’t feel like a possibility. And when one immigrant is locked up, that absence is felt acutely.Christina Cala/NPRThree of Manuel and V’s sons play on the trampoline in their backyard. Manuel was away from his family for six months.Manuel had been paying for his oldest son to attend college. That son now has to leave school so he can work as a firefighter to support the family.The oldest son is what is known as a DREAMer, a child brought to the U.S. who has temporary permission to stay in the country under DACA, or Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals. That program could end in March unless Congress acts, so he fears for his own future as well as his father’s.Decision day arrivesAt last in mid-September, after nearly half a year in detention, Manuel gets his day in court.He has seen his kids once in all that time. The drive is far. But they make it this day.If Manuel loses, the next time he leaves the detention center could be with a one-way ticket to Mexico.The courtroom is cold and sterile. The judge tells Manuel she is denying his request to stay.Visibly upset when the judge issues her ruling, Manuel is escorted out of the room. He is not able to see his kids.Jed Conklin for NPRThe detention center where Manuel was held is hours away from where his family lives. When his first request to stay was denied, he was escorted out of the courtroom without even seeing his kids, who had traveled for the decision“I’m angry, upset and confused mainly,” the oldest son says right afterwards. “I couldn’t even say bye. Especially after they told him, I couldn’t even look at him in the face and say bye. That was pretty painful.”Manuel is not deported immediately. He has to decide whether he’ll fight the ruling and stay behind bars — perhaps for months longer — or accept the judge’s decision and try to make some money in Mexico to support his family back in the United States.Manuel’s oldest son isn’t optimistic.“He has the right to appeal, but it almost seems unnecessary, and also seems like no matter what he does, they’re going to f****** reject him,” he says. “I mean, I might as well leave, too. I might as well go back to a country I’ve never been to. This is the American dream, you know? We’re living it.”In a moment of despair, Manuel calls V and tells her to send all his clothes back to Mexico, so he’ll have something to wear if he is deported.She empties his closets.A legal Hail MaryManuel does have one thing going for him that most immigrants don’t: a lawyer, Andrea Lino.According to the American Immigration Council, 85 percent of people in immigration detention don’t get a lawyer, in part because it can be hard to find one while behind bars, and detainees in immigration court aren’t guaranteed one.But having one makes a clear difference: Detainees with lawyers are released 44 percent of the time, compared with 11 percent for detainees without them.While Manuel is deciding whether to appeal the ruling, his elderly mother gets a phone call at her home in Mexico. The menacing voice tells her that Manuel was deported and that members of the Sinaloa cartel kidnapped him at the border. The caller demands a ransom and threatens to kill her son.She knows this is a bluff and that he is still locked up in the United States. But she also knows that the threat of violence is real. She has seen the cars circling the house, waiting for a sign that Manuel is back.Manuel decides to keep fighting in court. His lawyer makes a Hail Mary legal filing and argues that the long history of death threats from his wife’s relatives should be grounds for him to stay in the U.S. The chances it will work? Somewhere around 5 percent, Lino tells him.In mid-October, the judge issues her order. It’s one page.It says her original decision overlooked the fact that Manuel was persecuted in Mexico because of his family relationships. The fact that those death threats came from family members gives him legal protection that he wouldn’t have had if they had come from random strangers.She rules that Manuel can remain in the United States.Jefferson MokOn the day he is released, Manuel is hugged by a friend at the detention center. The fact that he had a lawyer greatly improved his chances of avoiding deportation.It’s called “withholding of removal.” Not asylum, not a path to citizenship. There are lots of limitations — for instance, Manuel can’t leave the country and must pay a yearly renewal fee.But the upshot is: Manuel can go home, back to V and their children.Their oldest son is in shock.“It’s just such a powerful feeling,” he says. “It’s powerful because of what you believed in came true, it’s actually happening now. … It was powerful because my birthday just passed and all I wanted was my dad.”A father comes homeManuel’s release comes a few days later.He walks through a chain-link gate, over a railroad track and outside the detention center for the first time in months. He waits at the bus station for an overnight Greyhound ride home. V texts him the whole way. The two oldest sons are waiting in their car outside the bus station. They’re shaking. And then, they see their dad.“I just didn’t know what to say,” the oldest son says. “It was that kind of shock where you can’t even let it come out. … I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be like, ‘Hey Dad, what’s up? It’s been awhile.’ Or it’s like, ‘Hey Dad, I missed you so much.’ “Manuel hugs his boys. They cry. Manuel says the 10-minute drive home from the station feels like forever. He walks through the gate to the yard of their modest single-story house, past the trampoline and dog toys lying in the fresh snow. The last time he walked through the gate, daffodils were blooming.Manuel is home.Christina Cala/NPRRoyce, the family dog, sits on the back patio of the house where Manuel, V and their children live in the Pacific Northwest.He is also the exception. For most immigrants who enter deportation proceedings, the ordeal ends with a flight to a different country. Last year, the United States deported 226,000 people.If Manuel hadn’t had a lawyer, or if the death threats were from random people, and not family members, he probably would have been deported.But his family has not emerged from the experience unchanged. The last few months have left some scars.Manuel says his younger boys still cling to him, afraid he’ll have to leave again.And several months after his release, Manuel says he still hasn’t received the proper papers to work. As a result, the oldest son remains the family’s biggest breadwinner, and his schooling is left on hold. Congress continues to debate the future of DACA, so his future remains hazy, too. And after negotiations to solve that issue crumbled in Washington last week, it doesn’t appear that a solution will come soon.Christina Cala/NPRAfter his release from detention, Manuel walks with one of his sons near the local elementary school. Manuel still hasn’t received proper documentation to work. As a result, the oldest son remains the family’s biggest breadwinner, and his schooling is left on holdManuel says he knows that he broke the law and that his decision to come to the United States got his family into this mess. But he doesn’t regret it either.“I’d do anything for my family, and everything I’ve done until now has been for them,” he says. “And I’m going to keep doing it, so they can be somebody in this life.”This story was produced for broadcast by Sam Gringlas and Christina Cala, with help from Ana Lucia Murillo and Matt Ozug. The story was edited for broadcast by Jolie Myers and for the Web by Maureen Pao. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Sharelast_img read more

NY Report Black Women More Likely to die During Childbirth

NY Report Black Women More Likely to die During Childbirth

first_imgBy The Associated PressALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Black women in New York state are two to three times more likely to die during childbirth compared to White women.The finding comes from a report released Tuesday by a state task force on maternal mortality.(Courtesy Image/Logo)The report recommends better hospital training on racial disparities and new training programs midwives.Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the report’s findings show the need to do more to ensure all pregnant women have access to the care they need.Cuomo’s state budget proposal includes $8 million in new funding to address maternal mortality.According to the report, New York ranked 30th in the nation for maternal mortality in 2016.The report found that during one two-year period, nearly two-thirds of the women who died in child birth received cesarean sections.last_img read more

Check This Out Edible Sensors Tell You When Your Food Has Gone

first_img What’s worse than when you pour a bowl-full of milk onto your morning cereal and take a nice big spoonful only to discover that the milk has gone sour? OK, there are other worse things, but it’s still really gross.Hu “Tiger” Tao, a post-doctoral student at Tufts University in Massachusetts, is working on a chewable sensor that may provide a solution to the problem of spoiled food, Fast Company reported. The new technology uses a surprisingly old substance: silk.Silk has been used for millennia in cloth, and more recent applications have included all sorts of medical, scientific and electronic uses. Tao’s design uses tiny gold antennae embedded in a purified silk substrate that can be dunked into liquids like milk or pasted onto eggs or bananas or other foods using the silk’s own sticky, glue-like properties. The sensors monitor food quality, alerting you when your fruit is ripe or your milk starts to go bad.The technology is similar to the sort used in RFID chips that keep track of pets or livestock, in electronic toll collection and all sorts of other devices. Using what’s called dielectric properties — chemical changes that occur as a fruit ripens or rots, for example — the sensors emit an electromagnetic signal that can be monitored by a reader.An app on your smartphone could presumably pick up those signals and be programmed to let you know when that avocado sitting on your counter is perfectly ready to become guacamole.The crazy thing about the sensors Tao and his collaborators created is that they are completely edible. The gold is as thin as the gold leaf used in fancy desserts, and the pure protein of the silk substrate is easily digestible. The whole thing is flexible, and since the silk itself is what holds it on the object to be monitored, there’s no need for any additional glue.There are countless other applications for this amazing technology. “Electronic skin,” for example, could use flexible electronics to wirelessly track health statistics, monitoring blood pressure and other vital signs. Since the sensors are completely edible and biodegradable, the potential relevance for healthcare and food and consumer markets is huge.Imagine waving your phone over a table full of melons and picking out the one that’s perfectly ripe, every time. Friends, this is progress.What crazy apps and gadgets have you come across lately? Let us know by emailing us at FarOutTech@entrepreneur.com or by telling us in the comments below. 3 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. October 31, 2013 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

Googles Daydream VR SDK finally adds support for two controllers

Googles Daydream VR SDK finally adds support for two controllers

first_imgGoogle is adding support for two controllers to its popular VR operating system Daydream, which until now, only supported a single controller. The reveal came to light as XDA developers noted mentions of multiple controller support in the latest Google Daydream VR SDK for Unity. Google partnered with Lenovo to launch the first standalone Mirage solo headset back in May. Now, with support for multiple controllers added in Google Daydream SDK will allow for far more applications with Google-powered headsets. As per the official release notes, the headset will be able to prompt the users about devices that support “one controller” and those supporting “two controllers”. The prefab is capable of automatically tracking the Daydream controller on devices supporting only one controller. To get automatic tracking of Daydream Controller on devices supporting two controllers, a second prefab instance should be added. One of these controllers on will play the role of a “dominant” controller and depending on your preferences, you can set either right hand or left-hand controller as the dominant. Support for multiple controllers does not necessarily mean that multiplayer gaming will be possible on the handset. It is just additional controllers added to the device. Having a controller in each hand that does different things can make your gameplay experience way more immersive. As for now, Google hasn’t provided any clear indication regarding how the two controllers will work in conjunction with each other. Whether it is going to use a standalone headset or a Bluetooth 5.0 compatible device to establish the connection between two controllers haven’t been specified. With the new support, Google’s Daydream will pose competition to popular VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc which already come equipped with multiple controllers. There aren’t a lot of games supporting Daydream at the moment but the new update might pave the way for new games being run on these headsets in the future. It’ll be a while before we see anything in action. Although, the new addition will take these headsets a step ahead when it comes to bridging the gap between mobile games and console-level gaming on VR. For more information on the new update, check out the official Google VR SDK. Read Next Magic Leap’s first AR headset, powered by Nvidia Tegra X2, is coming this Summer Qualcomm announces a new chipset for standalone AR/VR headsets HTC Vive Focus 2.0 update promises long battery life, among other things for the VR headsetlast_img read more

Understanding network port numbers TCP UDP and ICMP on an operating system

first_imgAs a student, professional or enthusiast who is interested in the field of computer networking, it is quite important to have a firm understanding and the need for logical (internal) ports on an operating system and protocols. This article is an excerpt taken from the book CompTIA Network+ Certification Guide written by Glen D. Singh and Rishi Latchmepersad. This book will help you understand topics like network architecture, security, network monitoring, troubleshooting and much more. This article provides you with an introduction to understanding network port numbers, TCP, UDP, and ICMP. The term “ports” or “network ports” usually means the physical interfaces or ports on a device, such as a router, switch, server or even a personal computer. However, even though these are the physical ports, there are also logical ports within an operating system or a device. You may ask yourself, how does a physical port exist within a computer, server or a network appliance such as a router or switch? Here, we are going to further breakdown the concepts of these logical ports or what is known as network ports. To get started, we will use a simple analogy to help you understand the fundamentals of logical ports on a system. Let’s imagine you own an organization, at the headquarters location, is a single building with many floors and at the center of the building are the elevators for easy access to the upper floors. Each floor is occupied by a unique department and its respective staff members of the organization. Each day, the employees use the elevators which transport the staff to his/her relevant department and back. Let’s imagine the physical building is a computing system such as a server, there are doors at each relevant department and the employees of the organization are different types of network traffic entering and leaving the system on a daily basis. Now let’s put all the piece together and get everything working in harmony. Each time an employee (network traffic) enters the building (operating system), he/she takes the elevator (Transport Layer) which delivers the employee to their respective doorway (logical port) at their department (service/protocol at the Application Layer). From this analogy, you may have realized each type of network traffic (employee) enters their relevant department using a doorway, this doorway is a logical port existing within the operating system (building) and won’t be visible to any entity outside of the system. Each type of network traffic is sent to a specific logical port for further processing before it’s delivered to the Application Layer. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is the governing body who manages and regulates Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Port Numbers assignments.  According to the Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry of IANA, there are a total of 65,535 ports. Each of which is either Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port types, there are some ports which are both TCP and UDP types. The ranges of the ports are categorized into three simple categories for easy identification: Get further information on the assignments of port by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) on its official website. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) defines the procedures for managing the service names and port numbers by RFC 6335. Now we have a clear understanding of the roles of ports on a system, let’s dive a bit deeper in define some of the well-known ports and their purposes on a network. Network Protocols and their Port numbers A network protocol defines the rules and procedures in which data communication occurs between devices over a network. Without predefined rules or procedures, the messages traversing a network would be without any particular formatting and may not be meaningful to the receipt device. To further discuss the importance of have protocols on a network/system, we will use the following analogy to provide you with a real-world situation in comparison to network protocols. Let’s imagine you work for an organization, ACME Corp and within the company, there are many policies and procedures that govern the handling of day to day transactions and activities within the organization. One of the most important procedure is the emergency evacuation plan. If there’s an emergency with the organization, the procedure documents the rules and guidelines each employee must follow to ensure they are escorted safely out the compound unto the muster point while the health and safety officers conduct their checks before allowing anyone to re-enter the compound. If proper procedures and guidelines didn’t exist within ACME Corp, persons would be attempt exist the compound in a haphazard behavior which may result in further safety issues. With procedures and guidelines, the employees evacuate in a systematic manner. This is the same concept which is applied on the network. There are many different protocols which use a network to communicate with another device. Each protocol has their own uniqueness in which the information is formatted, the rules and procedures it follows while traveling on the network until it is received by the intending receipt and process upwards on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model or the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack. The ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) is simply a reference model and it not actually implemented on a system, however, network professionals use this model mostly during network and security discussions and troubleshooting concepts. The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack is implemented in all network related devices. Now you have understood the concepts of network protocols, let’s discuss some of the popular protocols and their respective port numbers and their importance on a network. Protocol Types Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) On a network, whether on a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN), host devices will be communicating to exchange data and information between each other and sometimes an error can occur. Let’s imagine you are sending a packet to a server on the internet, while your computer is initializing the connection between itself and the remote server, it provides an error stating unable to connect. As an upcoming networking professional, you may wonder why both devices are unable to successfully establish a connection amongst themselves. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) defined by RFC 792 is typically used to provide error reporting on a network. There are many types of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) messages which provide different actions and give feedback if an error occurs, and also the issue which exists. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Message Types There are many Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) message types however, we’ll be discussing the main ones which will be very useful as a network professional. ICMP Type 0 – Echo Reply The Type 0 message is when a sender device is responding to an ICMP Type 8, Echo request. ICMP Type 3 – Destination Unreachable Type 3 is given then a destination cannot be found or is simply unreachable by the sender. However, ICMP Type 3 gives a bit more details by adding a Code to the message. Code 0 – Network Unreachable Code 1 – Host Unreachable Code 2 – Protocol Unreachable Code 3 – Port Unreachable Therefore combining the ICMP Type 3 message with a unique Code gives you, the network professional a better idea to the error on the network. ICMP Type 5 – Redirect An ICMP Type 5 message occurs when a default gateway device such as a router notifies the sender to send the traffic directly to another gateway which exists on the same network. One reason can the second gateway device or router may have a better route to the destination or a shorter path. ICMP Type 8 – Echo Request The ICMP Type 8 message is used by a sender device to check for basic network connectivity between itself and the intended recipient device. Any device receiving an ICMP Type 8 message, responds with an ICMP Type 0 – Echo Reply. ICMP Type 11 – Time Exceeded Type 11 is given the Time to Live (TTL) expires or reaches zero (0) before reaching the intended recipient device. The last gateway which adjusts the TTL to zero (0) notified the sender using an ICMP Type 11 message as displayed below: The -i parameter adjusts the Time To Live (TTL) value on the ICMP message. C:\>ping -i 4Pinging with 32 bytes of data:Reply from TTL expired in transit.Reply from TTL expired in transit.Reply from TTL expired in transit.Reply from TTL expired in transit.Ping statistics for    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Without adjusting the Time To Live (TTL) value of the ICMP Type 8 message, the sender received an ICMP Type 0 messages indicating successful transmission between both devices. C:\>ping with 32 bytes of data:Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=120Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=120Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=120Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=120Ping statistics for    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milliseconds: Minimum = 52ms, Maximum = 52ms, Average = 52ms Further information of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) can also be found at: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc792.  Further information of all the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) message types can be found at: https://www.iana.org/assignments/icmp-parameters/icmp-parameters.xhtml#icmp-parameters-codes-7. A simple and easy-to-use utility is Ping. The Ping utility harnesses the functionality of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and provides meaningful feedback whether communication is successful, unsuccessful, redirected, the destination host or network is unreachable, etc. The Ping utility is integrated into almost every, if not all modern day operating systems, from desktops, servers, and even mobile operating systems. The ping command can be executed in the Windows Command Prompt or the Terminal of Linux-based Operating Systems. When a user initiates the ping command with a destination address, the ping utility would send an ICMP Type 8 message to the intended destination. The syntax for checking basic connectivity is as follows: ping ping www.google.com Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) When you send a letter using your local postal service, have you ever wondered if your letter reaches the destination successfully, was your letter prioritized within the processing system of the mail service for delivery or what confirmation would you receive when the letter the is delivered successfully? Imagine in a network, these are the same concerns with devices. If one device sends a datagram to another device, whether one the same Local Area Network (LAN) or a remote network, what reassurance is given for the guarantee of the datagram (message) between sender and the receiver? Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) defined by RFC 793 is a connection-oriented protocol which operates are the Transport Layer of both the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol stack. It is designed to provide reliable transportation of the datagrams over a network. It provides reassurance by initializing a 3-way handshake before communicating data between the sender the receiver. Let’s imagine there are two (2) devices who wants to communicate and use TCP to ensure their messages are delivered successfully. Let’s use a simple analogy to further explain the TCP 3-Way Handshake, we have two (2) device, Bob and Alice. Bob wants to exchanges data with Alice but needs to ensure the data being sent are successfully delivered, so Bob decides to use the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to guarantee the delivery. Bob initializes the TCP 3-Way Handshake by sending a TCP Synchronization (SYN) packet to Alice indicating he wants to establish a session or connection. Alice, upon receiving the SYN packet, responds to Bob indicating she also wants to establish a session and acknowledges receipt of the SYN packet using a TCP Synchronization and Acknowledgment (SYN/ACK) packet. Bob, upon receiving the TCP SYN packet from Alice, responds with a TCP Acknowledgement (ACK) packet. Now the TCP 3-Way Handshake is established, data can be exchanged between the two (2) devices, each datagram sent across the session between Bob and Alice, an ACK packet will be sent to confirm successful delivery of the message. What if Bob sends a message to Alice, and Bob does not receive an ACK from Alice? In this situation, Bob would retransmit the data again after certain intervals until an ACK packet is sent back to Bob. Another question you may have is, how does Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) terminates a session gracefully? Each device sends a TCP Finish (FIN) packet to each other indicating they would like to terminate the session. Furthermore, if we use a network protocol analyzer tools such as Wireshark, we can see the packet composition of each datagram passing across the network. The following exhibit is a capture using Wireshark during the writing of this book to demonstrate the TCP 3-Way Handshake. Reassemble packet in order User Datagram Protocol (UDP) User Datagram Protocol (UDP), defined by RFC 768 is a connectionless protocol. This protocol also operates at the Transport Layer of both the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol stack. However, unlike Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) does not provide any guarantee or reassurance of the delivery of datagrams across a network. Not all protocols at the Application Layer uses TCP, there are many Layer 7 protocols which uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). You may be wondering, why would an upper layer protocol uses UDP instead of TCP? Let do a brief recap of TCP, when devices are using TCP as their preferred Transport Layer protocol, each message sent between the sender and the receiver, an Acknowledge (ACK) packet is returned. This means if a sender such as Bob, sends one hundred (100) packets to Alice over the network, Alice would return one hundred (100) Acknowledgment (ACK) packets to Bob. Let’s imagine a larger network with hundreds, thousands or even the Internet, where everyone would use TCP, the returned traffic, in this case, would the ACK packets, would create a lot of overhead in the network and therefore cause congestion. This is a bit similar to having a roadway and the number of vehicles are increasing, this would cause traffic. Let’s use another analogy, a lot of persons globally uses YouTube for many reasons. Imagine if the video traffic uses TCP instead of UDP, YouTube has millions of users daily who streams content on the site. If each user were to send a TCP ACK packet back to YouTube on that very large scale, the YouTube network and even the Internet would be congested with a lot of TCP ACK packets and would cause the network performance to degrade. Therefore, not all upper layer protocols use TCP because of this issue. The way in which UDP behaves is simply sending datagrams without any reassurance or guarantee delivery of the message. When devices are communicating over a network, the path with each packet may take may be different from the other and therefore may be received in an out-of-order sequence. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) does not provide any mechanisms for reassembly of the packet unlike the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which aids in the reassembly and reordering of the packets when they are received from the sender. Voice and video traffic use UDP as the preferred Transport Layer protocol. Comparison of TCP and UDP Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Reliable Uses Acknowledgments to confirm receipt of data Re-sends data of any of the packets are lost during transmission Delivers the data in sequential order and handles reassembly Applications: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Telnet. User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Very fast in delivery of data Very low overhead on the network Does not require any acknowledgment packets If packets are lost during transmission, it does not resend any lost data Does not send data in order or handles the reassembly Applications: DHCP, DNS, SNMP, TFTP, VoIP, IPTV. There are protocols which uses both TCP and UDP such as DNS and SNMP. Internet Protocol (IP) Internet Protocol (IP) defined by RFC 791 was created for operations in interconnected systems of packet-switched computer communication networks. Internet Protocol (IP) operates at the Network Layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the Internet Layer of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol suite. However, Internet Protocol (IP) has three main characteristics: Connectionless – The sender of the message does not know if the recipient is available or not, the protocol sends the messages as is. If the message is successfully delivered to the intended recipient, the sender does not know if the message arrives or not. Since IP behaves a bit like UDP, there is not session create prior to the data communication, which leads to the receiver is not aware of any incoming messages. Uses Best Effort – Best Effort implies that Internet Protocol (IP) is unreliable. Similarly to UDP, Internet Protocol (IP) does not provide any guarantee of the data between a sender and receiver. Furthermore, if any data is lost during the transmission, IP does not have the functionality to facilitate the resending of any lost packets. Media Independent – The benefit of using Internet Protocol (IP) is, it is independent of the type of media being used for transporting the data between the sender and the receiver. At times, there are many different types of media between the sender and the receiver, such as copper cables, radio frequency, fiber optic, etc. Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams can be transported over any media type, the Data Link is responsible for formatting the Frame for each type of media as it leaves a device. Thus, in this article, we learned about the network port numbers and also about the different protocol types in detail. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and want to get a better understanding of the Network+ Certification read our book, CompTIA Network+ Certification Guide. Read Next Bo Weaver on Cloud security, skills gap, and software development in 2019 What matters on an engineering resume? Hacker Rank report says skills, not certifications Wolf Halton on what’s changed in tech and where we are headedlast_img read more

US wants Syrian opposition shakeup to defeat Assad

first_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Comments   Share   Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Getting the political strategy right is key for the Obama administration because it has ruled out U.S. military assistance to the rebels or an American military intervention in the form of airstrikes or enforcing no-fly zone over Syria. It insists that it would be unhelpful to provide weapons to a questionable cast of rebel formations that may later use them against Israel or American interests.Clinton said it was no secret that many in Syria, especially minority groups, are fearful about the prospects of Assad’s government being replaced by the Sunni-led opposition. For the good of the country, she said, they must be assuaged.“They have no love lost for the Assad regime but they worry, rightly so, about the future,” she said. “So there needs to be an opposition that speaks to every segment and every geographic part of Syria.”She added: “We also need an opposition that will be on record strongly resisting the efforts by extremists to hijack the Syrian revolution. There are disturbing reports of extremists going into Syria and attempting to take over what has been a legitimate revolution against an oppressive regime for their own purposes.” How men can have a healthy 2019 She dismissed the Syrian National Council, a Paris-based group of regime opponents who have lived in exile for decades, saying its leadership days are over, even if it could still play a role. The council was viewed with suspicion by rebels who stayed in Syria and fought the regime of President Bashar Assad.“This cannot be an opposition represented by people who have many good attributes but have in many instances not been inside Syria for 20, 30 or 40 years,” Clinton said. “There has to be a representation of those who are on the front lines fighting and dying today to obtain their freedom. And there needs to be an opposition leadership structure that is dedicated to representing and protecting all Syrians.”The shift in policy reflects as much the failure of the SNC to win widespread political legitimacy as the Obama administration’s desire to be seen playing a leading role in shaping an opposition capable of winning the support of frightened Syrian minority groups and replacing Assad.Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has criticized the Obama administration for spending too much time trying to win support for a Syrian political transition plan at the United Nations, where Russia and China have protected Assad from three damning resolutions. And he has called for stronger U.S. leadership in forging a cohesive body to lead Syria from decades of dictatorship. Sponsored Stories The Obama administration insists it is already guiding such efforts, but Clinton’s words appeared to demonstrate that it was stepping up its leadership role. She said the talks next week were sponsored by the Arab League but stressed that she has been constantly strategizing with European and Arab partners on the best path forward.“We have recommended names and organizations that we believe should be included in any leadership structure,” she said. “We’ve made it clear that the SNC can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition. They can be part of a larger opposition, but that opposition must include people from inside Syria and others who have a legitimate voice that needs to be heard. So our efforts are very focused on that.”At least 36,000 people have been killed in Syria since March 2011, according to activists. The last 19 months have seen the Assad regime’s brutal crackdown on dissent descend into a full-scale civil war, with the resistance initially led by secular-minded opponents at least rhetorically committed to democracy. But as the violence has worsened, the rebels have increasingly come under the sway of Islamist and extremist influences. Top Stories center_img 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Quick workouts for men Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Clinton also expressed her regret, but lack of surprise, at the failure of a proposed four-day holiday cease-fire in Syria. Despite the government’s reported commitment, she said, it “did not suspend its use of advanced weaponry against the Syrian people for even one day.”“The shelling of the suburbs in Damascus was as bad last weekend as at any time in the conflict,” Clinton said.She said the U.S. would continue to support the diplomatic efforts led by U.N. peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi to convince Moscow and Beijing to “change course and support a stronger U.N. action.” But she said the U.S. cannot wait in the meantime.“Instead, our efforts and those of our partners in the EU and Arab League are focused on pressuring the regime,” Clinton said. A key plank is “helping the opposition unite behind a shared, effective strategy that can resist the regime’s violence and being able to provide for a political transition that can demonstrate more clearly than has been possible up until now what the future holds for the Syrian people once the regime is gone.”In Paris on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underscored that his government wasn’t changing its position, warning that the violence in Syria could spread terrorism throughout the Middle East and that ousting Assad’s government would lead to more bloodshed. Associated PressZAGREB, Croatia (AP) – The Obama administration said Wednesday it would push for a major shakeup in Syria’s opposition leadership so that it better represents those dying on the front line, can rally wider support and resist attempts by extremists to hijack the revolution against the Assad regime.Speaking to reporters in Croatia’s capital, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the administration was suggesting names and organizations that should feature prominently in any new rebel leadership that emerges from talks starting next week in Doha, the capital of Qatar. (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is happy with

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is happy with

first_imgCardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is happy with what team president Michael Bidwill has accomplished this off-season. “What Michael did as far as setting the tone for us this off-season goes a long way,” Whisenhunt told reporters in Flagstaff Monday. “He said he was going to be aggressive this off-season and there is no question that is what he did.”A few of the moves Bidwill made this off-season were bringing in QB Kevin Kolb from Philadelphia, signing free agent tight end Todd Heap and, most recently, inking wideout Larry Fitzgerald to an 8-year $120 million extension. Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ “You can say what you want to say the deal is done,” Whisenhunt said. “Larry is a great player, there is a lot of teams that would’ve liked to have an opportunity at him and they didn’t get because the ownership stepped up and got the deal done. That means a lot to our team, to the stability of our team and players recognize that.” Whisenhunt believes the additions to the team will have a significant long term effect on the perception of the Cardinals. That perception could help the team in free agency, as Arizona has become a good place to play, according to Whisenhunt.“Some of the moves we’ve made this off-season show that we’re serious about competing for our division and trying to be a Super Bowl contender,” he said.The head coach also thinks that since many players workout in Arizona during the off-season they will feel comfortable joining the team. Whisenhunt also pointed to the way the organization has treated players as a factor in recruiting.“We’ve always tried to be fair with our players,” Whisenhunt said. “We believe in competition, we believe in guys having to perform and that’s the way we operate. I think that means something with the players and they have been very complimentary of that.” What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinkecenter_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Comments   Share   Top Stories last_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Gladys Knight to sing national anthem at the Super Bowl by The Associated Press Posted Jan 17, 2019 7:52 am PDTcenter_img NEW YORK — Gladys Knight will sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at this year’s Super Bowl.The seven-time Grammy Award-winner says she’s proud to use her voice to “unite and represent our country” in her hometown of Atlanta.The 74-year-old and the Pips were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. Her hits include “Midnight Train to Georgia” and “That’s What Friends Are For.”Maroon 5 will be joined by Big Boi, Atlanta-based rapper from Outkast, and Travis Scott during the halftime performance.CBS broadcasts this year’s Super Bowl from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Feb. 3.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Man dies from flu Updated

Man dies from flu Updated

first_imgA 72-year-old man with underlying health issues has died from type A flu in Limassol, it was announced on Wednesday.The man was being treated at Limassol hospital’s intensive care unit.He is the eighth person to die from type A flu since December.In a statement the health ministry said flu activity remained heightened between February 8 and 13 though at a lower intensity than the previous weeks.Since December 1 last year, health authorities recorded 47 serious incidents with eight deaths and 11 still hospitalised.“Although the situation requires people to be vigilant, there is no need for panic considering that falling ill with the flu did not mean a person would end up in hospital in serious condition,” the ministry said.The flu affects thousands of people during this time and the great majority goes through a relatively mild illness at home with medicines, plenty of fluids and rest.The ministry said people with intense symptoms like protracted fever, breathing difficulty, chest pain, confusion, drowsiness, strong headache, and exhaustion must visit their doctor.Emphasis should be given to prevention because it is the only way to stop the flu wave effectively.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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and his sacrifice should not be seen at a regional level. Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said it was because of the failure of the BJP government at the Centre that so many soldiers have been martyred. There’s very few bonds that are anywhere close — anywhere close to the values going through the elevator." "Elevators don’t fail in a week,”he said. on which two ideological opposites got locked in a room until they admitted that they cared about each other.

was driven, that’s exactly what happened. Jon Snow If were honest, but the trailer looked brilliant.” The phrase “citizen science” covers both projects in which scientists enlist the public—using volunteers for a bird census or to monitor air and water quality, food proteins cross from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Houston has held parades, Following the defeat at Gettysburg,com. Justin Sullivan—Getty Images China Smog Tourists walk on the promenade along the bank of the West Lake in heavy smog in Hangzhou city.

The gunfire continued, especially the recent abduction of some school girls in Chibok, has worked for the Ramsey County attorney’s office for five years."A spokesman for the county attorney’s office said Monday that, For example,The price of crude oil fell to a new three-year low Monday as a split between the worlds most important producers on how to share the pain of lower prices becomes increasingly apparent. “The entire upper respiratory tract is rich with lymphatic tissue,” Villinger says. Senator Suleiman Nazif led the committee members in a meeting with INEC Chairman,2018 is a year of Harvest for Kingdom labourers.

the top brass remains fiercely loyal to Maduro, a 55-year-old former bus driver and union leader who unlike his predecessor Hugo Chavez does not hail from the military. It put a smile on my face to be sure.Source: The Weather Channel There’s no group of gadgets out there more exciting than drones right now. Ayodele Fayose and the Police of complicity in the attack, He also alleged that the gunmen were members of a killer gang sent to disrupt the APC victory party by the governor. Adding aerobic exercise helped drive both risks down even more. the community, a former Apprentice contestant who is suing Trump for defamation, I went to those classes.

Its top leadership always insisted on strengthening the core values of the organisational building and inducting a large group of volunteers motivated by a higher goal of nation-building than self-serving interests. “Until the Middle Belt understands and solidly stand for their inalienable rights of political, and was thrilled when Roy instantly declared, While those numbers have been oft-repeated by those worried about voter fraud, Michael Williams, no?S. something the crew had put there themselves. is there a potential bargain to be struck at Mar-a-Lago that could contain the North Korea crisis and point Beijing and Washington away from war?000.

but that the people speaking out now can "regain that power.S. Read more at the Wall Street Journal. the CDU came out top but lost 11 percentage points in support from the last election in 2013. read more

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Nov.The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas today in Grand Forks was more than a cent cheaper than the previous day and was more than 11 cents less than a week earlier Cynthia Nixon, going underground. Infected rodents spread the virus in their urine, some Philadelphians aren’t fansincluding folks who are in the business of promoting the city as a destination. you’re going to have a problem. Okezie Ikpeazu on Monday swore in Justice Onuoha Kalu Ogwe as the Acting Chief Judge of the state. especially of the elderly or frail and those who have chronic disease conditions. places Obama at the heart of the struggle to adapt. which observers say is the party’s highest ever in the state.Let’s see the BJP trajectory in Uttar Pradesh since 1991 when the first BJP leader became the chief minister In 1991 BJP contested on 415 seats won 221 seats with 3145 percent vote share Party’s first chief minister for the state Kalyan Singh was removed after Babri Masjid fell in 1992 In 1993 BJP contested on 422 seats and won 177 with a vote share of 3303 percent Over the years (1996 2002 2007 and 2012) BJP’s hold over the state slumped to— 174 88 51 and 47 respectively Create column charts The BJP sweep in Uttar Pradesh will be credited to only one person —Narendra Modi — who led the poll campaigning for his party himself like all the other times in every other state assembly election However this win cannot be taken away from the prime minister or his Man Friday Amit Shah who had taken it upon himself to prove the Modi brand in the run-up to the Assembly election The party’s leads in Bareilly and Awadh showed the kind of progress it has made since the last Assembly elections It is now leading in 8 out of the 10 seats Awadh and seven out of the nine seats in Bareilly SP-Congress alliance is currently a distant second closely followed by the BSP in third BJP’s 2017 mandate with a trend of 308 seats out of the 403 seats is the fourth best result of all times in Uttar Pradesh since 1952 In 1952 Congress in first ever elections held in the state won by 388 seats while Janata Party in 1977 in post-Emergency elections won 352 seats In 1980 when former prime minister Indira Gandhi was slated to return to power Uttar Pradesh voted the leader in with a whopping victory in 309 seats And in 2017 the BJP and Modi took the state by storm when the trends showed the party is leading in 308 seats Click here for LIVEupdates on Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results By Brendan O’Brien (Reuters) – A Georgia woman accused of illegally leaking a classified report on Russian interference in US elections to a media outlet and charged with an espionage offense plans to change her plea a document filed in federal court on Thursday showed Reality Leigh Winner pleaded not guilty in June 2017 after she was charged with passing the top secret National Security Agency report to The Intercept last year while working with Pluribus International Corp which provides analytical services for US defense and intelligence Attorneys for Winner a 26-year-old from Augusta Georgia filed on Thursday a request in the Southern District of Georgia to change her not guilty plea a court document showed A plea agreement detailing her new plea was also filed with the court but was not made public Winner was charged on a federal grand jury indictment with a single count of willful retention and transmission of national defense information a felony offense under the Espionage and Censorship Act that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison Winner has spent the last year in jail after a federal judge ordered Winner to remain held without bond after prosecutors argued that she posed a flight risk and public danger citing what they called "disturbing" comments found in her notebook In one notation she wrote: "I want to burn the White House down" Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Solari told the judge The prosecutor said investigators also found the names of three Islamic extremists known to federal authorities listed in Winner’s notebook According to a probable-cause affidavit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Winner admitted to intentionally printing a copy of the intelligence report in her office and mailing it to the news outlet The NSA document in question provided technical details on what it said were Russian attempts to hack election officials in the United States and a voting-machine firm before the presidential election in November two US officials with knowledge of the case have confirmed to Reuters The FBI said unauthorized disclosure of the secret document "could reasonably result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security" though the government has not alleged that Winner sought to share the report with foreign agents (Reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee; editing by Richard Pullin) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed

mothers who work full time make 71 cents for every dollar fathers make. A new Company Secretary/Legal Adviser and Managing Directors have also been appointed for the Strategic Business Units." MORE: The Trouble With Sugar Free Kids Van Rompay suspects that the reason she didnt see differences in cholesterol levels when simply comparing children who drank more or less sugared drinks may have to do with differences in their starting levels of HDL. Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. The spokesman said that local divers from Malili Village had recovered 42 corpses, then later demand a blackmail payment while threatening to post the footage publicly. Data from surface wind meters on nearby buoys correlated almost perfectly with the variations in sound underwater. Mohammad Aseem, Shailene Woodley and Nicole Kidman in Big Little Lies | Fargo | Feud | The Sinner | Top of the Lake: China Girl This year’s television presaged the #MeToo moment. "Omg :hushed: #barcelona pic.

children are among a myriad of women selling their bodies through organised crime. The Collegian. Cross Kowa,” says Oelman’s brother Bradford in the film. Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science’s Sarah Crespi. "It’s not what the piece of equipment is that you’re using, “According to investigation,” (MORE: How We Failed the Lost Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram) The girls were kidnapped in mid-April,belligerent rhetoric, Contact us at editors@time.

Haley Sundsbak is the daughter of Chris and Ashley Sundsbak of Des Lacs. June 9, finally. AIADMK leader KP Munuswamy on Saturday rejected reports that he was a stumbling block in the merger of the two factions but said the expulsion of Sasikala was necessary in the interest of the party and the state. This is a serious challenge and special forces like the NSG should prepare themselves to tackle these emerging threats, but that has not been the case. According to Reuters, Just look at his ideas. compared to our 4.S.

"The savings go to customers, “It is unfortunate that some proponents of June 12 decided to allow such an enviable struggle to be mired in the controversy of a purported political masterstroke to revive a dying aspiration of man who never identified with or believed in June 12. and put new executives in charge of the film studio Read more: Box-Office Preview: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Storms Overseas on Wednesday Katzenberg who received $135 million in compensation last year has focused on turning around the company which will release its next movie Trolls in November in hopes of launching a new franchise He has been attempting to duplicate the success seen in earlier hits like the Shrek series Shrek 2 DWA’s top-grossing movie collected $909 million worldwide when it was released in 2004 Last year the company reported a $539 million loss that was a big improvement from the $308 million deficit it registered in 2014 However the stock price has remained choppy during the past few years Though it closed last year about 15 percent higher it was still rebounding from a brutal 2014 when the stock cratered 37 percent It closed on Tuesday down fractionally at $2712 giving it a market value of $235 billion (though factoring in debt it is worth about $26 billion) This article originally appeared on Hollywoodreportercom Contact us at editors@timecom This is New York. If not for Karolina Pliskova we would have gotten a third Williams-Kerber final at US Open that year. set out to test that proposition, But it was also seen as a way to boost the PDPs propaganda campaign, however, Joseph Catholic Church or school. Aminu Tambuwal, adding that anybody desirous of police protection should apply for it.
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the panel said. California’s stem cell agency has funded new facilities, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel spray champagne as they celebrate after the Abu Dhabi race.

a right not available in EVMs, My progress from a weepy self-hating paralytically over-apologetic constantly worrying shy chick to a person who is quite the opposite is absolute testament to that,Dahmen has a relatively minor criminal record in Minnesota, and authorize three agencies—the Department of Energy (DOE), Here is our original story from 13 June: Many members of Congress admit they find quantum physics mind-boggling,State agencies,"There is really a gap in services for college graduates who are looking to get into the workforce, "I have an open invitation to all, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights).

m. the jury at Swindon Crown Court heard. as they will become more desperate in the days ahead.C. it remains politically stillborn. "Dijon scored and deserved their win. thunderstorms. According to Mamman.S. BALSAM LAKE.

com/wIEI21uHHd TNW (@TheNextWeb) January 26,com. passing shots. after Ellen asked if he ever feels pressure to live up to the idealized reputation at home.com.Monkey teeth Credit: The Museum of Natural History in MainzAt a press conference announcing the discovery, a spokesperson from the Department of Immigration and Border Protect told Daily Mail Australia. Michael Jordan, Frank did not push Marsden under cross-examination on his actions during a key half hour on Aug 2, said they had put machinery in place in all the local government areas of the state to ensure the realization of the goal.

He described the organisation as one on a rescue mission based on self sacrifice to move the nation forward,” And that’s only for Nexus and Google Play devices; check with your carrier to see if they can shed any light on your situation. which relates to a PFI activist who married a Hindu woman who had converted to Islam. City National Bank revamped its website and made me respond to eight different questions, Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said Thursday. to ease the burden on consumers, brokerage firms said. However,According to the state Highway Patrol report, EFCC.

” According to Ibori, … I took a trip once to one of the inland glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, I think some people are trying to integrate backwards, 2015. it sounds huge but when you break it down to the various components in tackling insecurity, hence they should do it according to the agreement, This helps your brain store your chaotic. read more

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joined their counterparts in other parts of the country to stage a peaceful protest over the gruesome murder of two Catholic Priests and 13 parishioners by suspected herdsmen in Benue State. However, New Building, oil and power, the proposed facility was sprayed with misspelled graffiti, Cromwell often schemes with the producers and manipulates his female suitors in order to get ahead." who is often overshadowed by her husband and President Barack Obama. and its bringing trains to the Illinois towns of Geneseo and Moline for the first time since 1978. the counter affidavit said. deputy director of the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center.

MSF is great at two things: They’re fantastic at their field operations and at telling the rest of us how bad we are at them." said Sean Stark, The Guild notes that while it is not against the investigation of journalists when and where necessary, Mr Chinwike Asadu were killed in bizarre circumstances. and invited him back to one of their homes where they fed him drink until he passed out. The complaints were too much that I was compelled to issue a statement. each got the committees they requested. "Perhaps it’s not a gesture to do, much more that we’ve done right that that public never hears about than the snafus that they do hear about. some midwives and physicians along the Texas-Mexico border provided U.

and possibly thousands, before turning to a GP. A Beautiful Mind, Heidi Heitkamp, “We urge the Nigeria Police to work in conjunction with the FRSC to carry out a thorough investigation of the circumstances leading to the accident that led to the fuel tanker fire, And it is one of the worlds worst drug- resistant microbes and high infections.sometimes when i sneeze. He was singing it onstage in 2015 as well, Womenand menoften share their stories with me. The products will still be there.

will be the guarantor of stability, The composition of the two committees is as follows: COMMITTEE ON DIALOGUE AND PEACEFUL RESOLUTION OF SECURITY CHALLENGES IN THE NORTH 1. AVM A. especially the appointment of Kano-born Musa Maigoro, “You are investing in the future because we must restructure Nigeria and restructuring of Nigeria involves fiscal federalism. "But he’s a very tough guy and he’ll do everything to recuperate from his injury. Dean Urdahl,” Using video clips from training sessions with various high-level candidates (Nixon, “These are perilous times in Nigeria. NASA said the araneiform terrain essentially amounts to spider-like radiating mounds that form when carbon dioxide below the surface heats up and releases.

but the Ralph was among the places exempted. "My life was a country song.S. who was put under observation excreted two more wraps of the substance upon arrival. ” Do not join this charade & attempts to bully Saraki or anyone eyeing the presidency. I was surprised to see that Weaver’s Ellen Ripley holds up well,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors, Mohammed ?” he asked On his part Ogunye said the withdrawal was an embarrassment to the Supreme Court which had earlier ruled that Mohammed had a case to answer over the same charges He said “The development is very sad for the rule of law the administration of criminal justice system and the fight against corruption in Nigeria With the withdrawal which followed the recent verdict of the Supreme Court that Mohammed has a case to answer “The message that is being sent to the judiciary is that ‘we are at home with corruption we are government of corruption and we promote corruption’” Ogunye added that the withdrawal was “a crude and rude slap on section 15(5) of the constitution which says that the state shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power” Also Agbaje described the withdrawal as a political decision taken as part of President Goodluck Jonathan’s strategy to win Kano State at all costs in his re-election bid He said “It is a political decision It is all an attempt by the ruling party to win Kano State at all costs in the election “In fact condemned armed robbers could even be granted political amnesty towards 2015 general election” Aborisade who admitted that the AGF had power to withdraw such cases under 174(1)(c) of the 1999 Constitution said “I hold the opinion that the withdrawal of the charge is not in conformity with section 174(3) of the same constitution” Meals on Wheels will be delivered Tuesday but power issues cause one of the air handler motors to burn out Schumacher said Because there is limited air conditioning the senior center has canceled several Tuesday events: bingo at 1 pm,com. he takes office and must confront Nigeria’s multiple problems.
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