Secretary Markowitz to Present the 2008 Vermont Centennial Nonprofit Awards

first_imgSecretary of State Deb Markowitz to Present the 2008 Vermont Centennial Nonprofit AwardsVermont’s Oldest Nonprofits to be Honored at a Statehouse CeremonyVermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz will be presenting the 2008 Vermont Centennial Nonprofit Awards on Thursday, September 25, 2008, at 4:30 p.m. at a ceremony in the historic Vermont Statehouse. Twenty-six of Vermont’s oldest nonprofits will be honored for over 100 years of continuous operation in Vermont. Secretary Markowitz will be joined by Governor Jim Douglas in expressing appreciation for the contributions of these organizations to the state’s heritage.For more information about the awards and a list of the 2008 recipients, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at is external)###last_img read more

What’s next?

first_imgThe other day, when I was telling a friend about an epic 34-mile run I had done over the weekend, she asked, “So what is it that you’re not training for?” To her, the idea that I would go out on that kind of run just for the heck of it was incomprehensible. I guess that for her, the purpose of running is to get fit for an upcoming race. As I think about that concept, it occurs to me that many runners feel that way. They seem to view their running as stepping stones from one race to the next.I can’t count the number of times I’ve been at an event and after finishing, before the sweat has even dried, been asked, “So what’s next?” Sometimes runners will ask this question before the race, at the pre-race dinner or even at the starting line! I get the sense that in their minds they have already moved beyond the race that is occurring today, the one they have been training for and focusing on for weeks or months, to the next challenge. When I respond that I don’t know, they look at me as if I’ve lost my mind. There are even more questions when I’m volunteering or crewing at a race –Why aren’t you running? Are you injured? What are you training for?I’m as goal-oriented as the next gal, but I believe that when we get overly caught up in future plans, something gets lost. We lose the moment, the here-and-now, and therefore, the essence of running.I recently stumbled across an old copy of The Zen of Running. Published in 1974, it is all you’d expect it to be – full of new age peace-and-love-and-harmony. Something you’d be more likely to find on a spiritual guru’s bookshelf than that of a serious runner. If I took it to a Tuesday night workout, I’d be laughed off the track. Yet there are some nuggets of truth in there. Hearing the author, Fred Rohe’, describe running as a joyful activity, “running free and easy, loping loosely and lightly – dancing!” I am reminded about the importance of being fully present for every run. I try to embrace each run as if it could be my last, not as a chore, something to trudge through, but as a gift.Similarly, a race is something to be cherished. I remember years ago, after a big victory, many people asked me, “What’s next?” What challenge would I take on? What record would I try to crush? In short, what was the next step in proving my dominance and establishing myself among the nation’s elite? One friend, however, gave me some of the most sage advice I’ve ever received. He told me simply to savor this experience, not to think ahead. He knew that as soon as I began to look forward to the next challenge, the present accomplishment would be lost.This is something Rohe’ knew as well. He reminds us that “…in any life joy is only known in this moment – now…you are not running for some future reward – the real reward is now!” So when you see me out there, racing or recovering, jogging or going anaerobic, don’t bother asking, “what’s next” – I probably won’t have an answer.last_img read more

Help! Where is the Safest Seat on an Airplane?

first_imgThere still are ways to be proactive; for instance, your son can use the Fly Delta app to change seats until about an hour before boarding. Just as one might refresh fantasy football scores or election results, your son can be “that guy” at the gate, hunched over the seat map. He can also continue to make changes with the gate agent and (unofficially, perhaps) onboard.Additionally, said a Delta spokeswoman in an emailed statement, “if customers are uncomfortable with where they’re sitting, they can be rebooked to another flight without a change fee or fare difference.” – Advertisement – My original plan was to take the number 115, geek out with the seat map on and figure out the likelihood of your son sitting alone when the plane fills to 70 percent. That, I learned, is a huge waste of time.- Advertisement – Dear Tripped Up,My son is flying from Los Angeles to New York City for Thanksgiving. I got him a ticket on Delta Air Lines because they’re blocking out the middle seats. That said, the seating configuration of the plane is a 2-3-2. I’ve heard that window seats are safest, but there’s always a risk that someone will sit next to him. What do you recommend? SusannaDear Susanna,Deciding where to sit on a plane has always been an exercise in strategy and skill: how to get the most legroom, the best shut-eye, the quickest exit. The stakes certainly feel higher now.- Advertisement – I asked Sandra Albrecht, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health and the chief epidemiologist behind “Dear Pandemic,” a scientific communication effort on social media, if she would cancel her flight if someone sat next to her.“Absolutely not,” she said. “As with everything with Covid-related, the risk spectrum is a sliding scale. You can think of seating as something you’d be able to slide up a notch and down a notch, but there are other things you could slide, like, 10 points up or 10 points down.”Risk tolerance and health vary, of course, so let’s return to your question about window seats. If the goal is to sit as far from strangers as possible, your hunch is theoretically correct.“If you’re in the window seat and the aisle seat wasn’t occupied, the nearest passenger would be in the middle section or on the other side of the plane,” said Arnold Barnett, an M.I.T. Sloan School of Management statistics professor who has studied the effects of keeping middle seats open on the likelihood of getting sick. “That’s already a distance of several feet. If everyone’s wearing masks, that’s a good situation.”Even then, it’s not open-and-shut. Say you have selected the perfect window seat and boom: A shrieking baby sends an annoyed passenger scrambling for calmer pastures — next to your son. Or a seat doesn’t recline, causing its occupant to move. Or the plane is 70 percent full and the math works out that a handful of solo travelers have to sit together.If you’re someone who can’t tolerate that kind of uncertainty, sit on the aisle in the center section — the aisle will be on one side and an empty middle seat will be on the other.“The benefit is that you don’t have anyone sitting next to you, so you’re farther away from other people for a consistent period of time,” Dr. Albrecht said. “But you do have a variety of people in the aisle, so you’ll probably have briefer interactions with a lot of different people.” – Advertisement – Delta, unlike many of its peers, will continue blocking middle seats through at least Jan. 6 in an effort to separate smaller parties of one or two. Parties of three or more can book adjacent — including middle — seats. On aircraft that have sections without middle seats — say, the 2-3-2 configuration of economy class on a 767 — other seats will be blocked as tickets are purchased and seats are selected. The more people who sit together, the higher the likelihood that your son can sit alone when the plane is 70 percent full, but there’s no way of predicting how many people will be flying individually, in pairs or in groups. Before we start, some numbers to put your mind at ease: In its third quarter, Delta’s passenger load factor — the percentage of available seats that are filled — fell from 88 percent last year to 41 percent this year, according to the airline’s latest investor report, meaning there are plenty of not-full flights. New data also suggests that when everyone is wearing a mask and other protocols are met, planes — with their high-efficiency, virus-zapping air filters — are less risky than grocery stores. But I’ll leave the specifics of viral dispersal to the scientists and try to outline some of the things your son can do to avoid sharing an armrest with a stranger.Before the pandemic, the Boeing 767 aircraft that your son is scheduled to fly on would have accommodated 165 passengers in economy class. Delta currently has a 70 percent capacity limit in several cabins, including economy class, bringing the passenger maximum to about 115. Even on a flight where economy class is 70 percent, about 50 seats are guaranteed to be empty. Luckily, Dr. Barnett said, when someone does brush by (say, on their way to the bathroom), “it’s such a short time that you’re in proximity and you’re wearing masks.”We can only predict and control so much, so experts recommend focusing on exactly that: what we can predict and control.“We shouldn’t let the seat-assignment question distract us from thinking through how we can stay safe throughout the rest of the travel process,” Dr. Albrecht said.That means leaving your mask on, eating at home or in the airport, and waiting until the rush has subsided to deplane. It also means keeping some perspective: We’re in a pandemic that has ravaged air travel — on Nov. 1, the number of people passing through T.S.A. checkpoints clocked in at around 38 percent of last year’s figure, according to the agency’s ongoing tally. Even holiday travel is expected to be down; airports may be busy around Thanksgiving, but the numbers are almost certain to be a fraction of what they normally are.And because your son is flying the week before — a particularly smart move any year, but especially now, when crowds bring safety concerns — he’s likely to end up with lots of elbow room. As I suspected, the seat map confirms: There is still a sea of open window seats.last_img read more

With economy sinking, Trump’s own business is in peril

first_imgAs if presiding over the threatened destruction of the US economy by the coronavirus pandemic is not enough, President Donald Trump is watching another more personal business meltdown: the Trump Organization hotel, golf course and real estate business that made him a billionaire.His five-star US and Canadian hotels with more than 2,200 rooms are mostly empty, his golf courses in the United States, Scotland and Ireland are under pressure to close, and his cherished “Southern White House” — the beach-front Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida is shuttered.Like other hotels around the world, Trump’s have been forced to lay off most workers — and face the fact that the $435 million in revenues that the Trump Organization reported in 2018 is likely to plummet this year. How severe that would be to a family-controlled business notoriously untransparent about its finances is unknown.And it has raised questions over whether Trump’s concerns about his own company are shaping his response to the crisis: whether part of the giant US$2 trillion economic rescue plan agreed overnight Tuesday in Congress will end up helping his hotel and resort businesses, and whether his push for a quick end to the coronavirus lockdown is to save the company.”Our country — it’s not built to shut down,” Trump said Tuesday, calling for an end to restrictions by the second week of April. “You can destroy a country this way by closing it down.”Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that the economic rescue package won’t be used to support Trump companies. “We wrote a provision, not just the president but any major figure in government, cabinet, Senate, congressman, if they or their family have majority (of a company), they can’t get grants or loans,” he told CNN.’It’s hurting me’Neither Trump nor his sons who directly oversee the company have detailed the financial damage they face. But it is clear: the nameplate hotels in New York, Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Hawaii are virtually empty.Likewise, his golf resorts are being ordered to lock up, even in remote Scotland. On Monday the Scottish Golf organization urged “all golfers in Scotland refrain from golfing until further notice.””It’s hurting me and it’s hurting Hilton and it’s hurting all of the great hotel chains all over the world,” Trump said Saturday.Yet the Trump Organization refuses to completely shut his main hotels.”The hotel is open, the restaurants are closed, the spa is closed, the pool is closed,” a receptionist at the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Central Park in New York told AFP, not giving her name.”There’s a Whole Foods across the street. We can get something for you and bring it to your room,” she suggested.John Boardman, head of the Washington branch of the Unite Here labor union, said the Trump International in Washington was still operating despite sweeping staff layoffs.”It doesn’t make sense for them to stay open. The hotel has like three percent occupancy,” said Boardman.”He may not be shutting it down just to be able to say they are still operating.”Profiteering allegationsSince entering office, Trump has fended off pressure and lawsuits that alleged he was profiting from his properties while president. Business executives, diplomats and Middle Eastern kings seeking his favor stayed at his hotels, especially the Trump International just blocks from the White House.The Washington Post has reported on the huge amounts Saudis have paid to book up Trump hotel wings, and the high rates he charges his own Secret Service contingent when he travels to his own properties, including tens of thousands of dollars for golf carts.Several lawsuits have accused him of profiteering from his office — against the US constitution’s “emoluments” clause — but none have stuck.But now much of that is moot, with the spread of COVID-19 forcing the country’s hotel industry into crisis. Last week the industry, which provides jobs for some eight million people, asked the White House for $150 billion in support.Many were wondering whether part of the bailout — a proposed $500 billion discretionary fund to support businesses that will be run by the US Treasury without public reporting — would be deployed to aid Trump’s hotels along with the rest of the industry.”Now more than ever, it is crucial that the American people know that the president is acting in the public’s best interest and not for his own personal financial gain,” Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, told AFP.Topics :last_img read more

Affordable housing draws buyers to emerging coastal hot spot

first_imgBotanica at Sippy Downs by Habitat Development Group. Habitat Development Group’s One Tree development at Sippy Downs. Photo: SUPPLIEDDevelopers have predicted Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast as an emerging hot spot with affordable housing a key to population growth.Habitat Development Group is so confident in the area as a future residential, business and tech hub, that it is proceeding with another three projects worth $75 million in the Sippy Downs region.Work is well advanced on its eight-storey, 72 apartment One Tree project which will be completed this year.And work is also underway for another 60 units and 44 units in two separate projects (Forest Edge and Botanica). A computer generated image of what Sippy Downs will look like when the developments are completed. Photo: Supplied. Habitat Development Group managing director Cleighton Clark said the company had already delivered four, sold-out apartment buildings in Sippy Downs with another three under construction.“We’ve built 600 units in the Sippy Downs region in the past six years and are very confident in the area as a future hot spot,” he said. “Vacancies in our completed projects are tracking between zero and 0.5 per cent which provides a lot of confidence to keep building.”Steele Clarke, Habitat Development Group’s director, described Sippy Downs as an “evolving township”.Steele said the project had come under budget and they reduced the cost of apartments at One Tree by $15,000 each.“Buyers are saving money because of the efficiency of our construction,” he said.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus14 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market14 hours ago“We import building materials from overseas so we can build quality products at affordable prices. Our motto is to always leave money on the table for the buyer.”Steele said affordability was a huge selling point of Sippy Downs. With median house and unit prices around $100,000 less than neighbouring suburbs, Sippy Downs is being touted as an area that will benefit from future property price growth. Habitat Development Group’s One Tree development at Sippy Downs. Photo: SUPPLIEDCleighton said the developments were close to the university and only 10 minutes to the beach but a lot more affordable which made it easier for first homebuyers and investors. “The median house price in Sippy Downs is $505,000 – that’s $160,000 less than neighbouring Buderim, while the median unit price is $365,000 which is $55,000 less,” he said.Property analyst Terry Ryder of Hotspotting said it was unusual to be able to buy a new property at that price point so close to major beaches.“Sippy Downs has all the right fundamentals for future demand which would lead to property price growth. It has a university campus and that is always a major piece of infrastructure that will attract investors and owner occupiers,” he said. Forest Edge apartments by Habitat Development Group. Photo: SuppliedThe Sippy Downs local plan, which was updated in 2014 as part of the Sunshine Coast regional plan, nominated the town centre, next to the University of the Sunshine Coast campus, as a major regional activity centre.It is earmarked for significant retail, commercial and community activity and proposes a Sippy Downs Business and Technology Sub-Precinct next to the town centre core and the university campus.Other major companies to commit to the area include insurance group Youi, which opened its $72 million global headquarters in the Sunshine Coast Technology Precinct.last_img read more

Select committee hears CYF getting too many referrals

first_imgNational Radio 28 March 2013The Children’s Commissioner has told MPs some child abuse referrals to Child, Youth and Family are being made without proper assessments and are overwhelming the organisation. Russell Wills told Parliament’s social services committee the bulk of the 150,000 referrals made last year from health and police were for children who were witness to domestic violence. He said a number of those referrals should have been made to Women’s Refuge. “That leads to social workers being overwhelmed. The intervention needs to be a domestic violence intervention for most of those children and in fact notifying Child, Youth and Family puts a barrier in the way. It actually delays that, usually it’s women, that woman getting assistance that she needs.” Dr Wills told MPs that notifying Child, Youth and Family can often delay those children and their families from getting the help they need. He said some of the assessments of child abuse risk were weak, and work should be done to strengthen them. read more

29 towns to dump garbage in Passi City

first_imgThe law instead mandates localgovernments to, among others, establish materials recovery facilities, alsoknown as ecology centers, in every barangay or cluster of barangays to promotewaste prevention and reduction in the grassroots level. A materials recovery facility includesa solid waste transfer station or sorting station, drop-off center, acomposting facility, and a recycling facility. The P308-million integrated wastemanagement facility is currently being constructed in Barangay Aglalana, PassiCity. The Passi City Integrated WasteManagement facility may be operational by the first or second quarter of 2020,he added. Open dumpsites are disposal areaswherein solid wastes are indiscriminately thrown or disposed of without dueplanning and consideration for environmental and health standards. But there’s a “tipping fee” – P749 perton of garbage delivered. The Pass City sanitary landfill canaccommodate 200 tons to 375 tons of residual waste daily. A sanitary landfill is a wastedisposal site designed, constructed, operated and maintained in a manner thatexerts engineering control over significant potential environment impactsarising from the development and operation of the facility. “We hope nga makasabat ini sa problema sang aton nga mga banwa kun diin nilai-haboy ang ila basura,” said Atty. Arturo Cangrejo, officer-in-charge ofthe Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO). The 29 local government units (LGUs)signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Passi City on Dec. 5. These wereBadiangan, Bingawan, Cabatuan, Calinog, Janiuay, Mina, Pototan, Anilao, Banate,Barotac Nuevo, Dingle, Dueñas, Dumangas, San Enrique, Ajuy, Balasan, Barotac Viejo,Batad, Carles, Concepcion, Estancia, Lemery, San Dionisio, San Rafael, Sara,Oton, Santa Barbara, Leganes, and Zarraga. * the parties shall extend thenecessary assistance to the City of Passi to ensure proper waste management, including but not limited to thepassage of relevant resolutions and budget appropriations ordinances, trimlyissuance o necessary licenses and permits, and provisions of rights-of-way The Ecological Solid Waste ManagementAct of 2000 prohibits local governments from operating open or controlleddumpsites. * “solid waste” means waste producedfrom activities within the territorial jurisdiction of the parties whichinclude a combination of discarded household, commercial, non-hazardousinstitutional and industrial waste, and street litters, but shall not includehazardous waste or unacceptable waste They do not have sanitary landfillsmandated by the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 or Republic Act9003, said Cangrejo. Among the salient points of the LGUs’MOA were the following: ILOILO – Twenty-nine municipalitieswill be dumping their solid waste at the 12-hectare sanitary landfill of PassiCity when the facility is finally operational. Construction started in October./PNlast_img read more

Batesville Bulldogs Basketball Holiday Giving Drive

first_imgThe Batesville High School boys and girls basketball teams and cheerleaders are asking that anyone attending the Friday, Dec. 6th boys game vs. Greensburg and Saturday, Dec. 7th girls game vs. Shelbyville please donate to our Holiday Giving Drive.The teams will be collecting Youth Socks, Hats, Gloves and Scarves.  As well as Kid Bodywash, Baby Bodywash, Toothbrushes, and Toothpaste to donate to families in our community during the holiday/winter season.  Anyone that donates at the game will receive a voucher for free popcorn.Courtesy of Batesville AD Bryan Helvie.last_img

Ripley County 4-H Exhibit results

first_imgPhotographyOverall Winners    Grand Champion B&W Prints- Evan Flaspohler    Reserve Grand Champion B&W Prints- Charity Frommeyer    Grand Champion Color Prints- Lanie Narwold    Reserve Grand Champion Color Prints- Caitlin Raver    Grand Champion B&W Salon-  Emalee Veerkamp    Reserve Grand Champion B&W Salon- Alexa Franklin    Grand Champion Color Salon- Rhea Miller    Reserve Grand Champion Color Salon- Austin Hammond    Grand Champion Creative Experimental- Emalee Veerkamp    Reserve Grand Champion Creative Experimental- Lanie NarwoldBeginners    10 B&W Champion- Braydin Hughes    10 B&W Reserve Champion- Caitlin Raver    10 Color Champion- Caitlin Raver    10 Color Reserve Champion- Braydin Hughes Intermediate1st – Quinten Sarringhaus2nd – Dakota Siebert WeedsGrand Champion- N/aReserve Grand Champion- N/a  Beginner    Champion- Mallory Hunter    Reserve Champion- N/aIntermediate    Champion- Chloe Weber    Reserve Champion- Chloe HunterAdvance    Champion-  N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Public SpeakingGrand Champion Senior- N/aReserve Grand Champion Senior- N/aGrand Champion Junior- N/a Level A Champion- N/aLevel A Reserve Champion- N/aLevel B Champion- Callie ComerLevel B Reserve Champion- Savannah WeberLevel C Champion- Chloe WeberLevel C Reserve Champion- Chloe HunterLevel D Champion- Abbey KnowltonLevel D Reserve Champion-  NON-WEARABLELevel A(Grade 3) Champion- N/aLevel A(Grade 3) Reserve Champion- N.aLevel A(Grade 4) Champion- Sophie RohlsLevel A(Grade 4) Reserve Champion- Kyliegh DudleyLevel B(Grade 5) Champion- N/aLevel B(Grade 5) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel B(Grade 6) Champion- N/aLevel B(Grade 6) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C(Grade 7) Champion- Kendall HarmeyerLevel C(Grade 7) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C(Grade 8) Champion- N/aLevel C(Grade 8) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C(Grade 9) Champion- Josephine HartmanLevel C(Grade 9) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel D(Grade 10) Champion- N/aLevel D(Grade 10) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel D(Grade 11) Champion- N/aLevel D(Grade 11) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel D(Grade 12) Champion- Andrea MeyerLevel D(Grade 12) Reserve Champion-Alex DudleyShooting SportsArchery:Beginner1st – Michael Ramsey2nd – Luke Hendren Home EnvironmentGrand Champion- Gracie CregarReserve Grand Champion- Leah Weber Food PreservationGrand Champion- Abbey KnowltonReserve Grand Champion- Heather Parcell Grades 3-5    Champion-  Sophie Volz    Reserve Champion- Savannah WeberGrade 6-8    Champion- Lanie Narwold    Reserve Champion- Ava KrausGrades 9-12    Champion- Shaylee Volz    Reserve Champion- Kaytlin Sizemore Beginner    Champion- Josie Frey    Reserve Champion-  Madison FullenkampIntermediate    Champion-  Rhea Miller    Reserve Champion- Miaya FullenkampAdvance    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Intermediate    B&W Prints Champion- Evan Flaspohler    B&W Prints Reserve Champion- Lanie Narwold    Color Prints Champion- Lanie Narwold    Color Prints Reserve Champion- Evan Flaspohler    B&W Salon Champion- Alexa Franklin    B&W Salon Reserve Champion- Evan Flaspohler    Color Salon Champion- Rhea Miller    Color Salon Reserve Champion- Lloyd Darringer    Creative Experimental Champion- Lanie Narwold    Creative Experimental Reserve Champion- Kendall Harmeyer ScrapbookingGrand Champion- Abby McCartyReserve Grand Champion- Shaylee Volz WEARABLE:Level A(Grade 3) Champion- N/aLevel A(Grade 3) Reserve Champion- N/aLevel A(Grade 4) Champion- Caroline McMillanLevel A(Grade 4)Reserve Champion-N/aLevel B(Grade 5)Champion- Callie ComerLevel B(Grade 5)Reserve Champion- N/aLevel B(Grade 6)Champion- Felicity BrelageLevel B(Grade 6)Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C(Grade 7)Champion- Hailey KunzLevel C(Grade 7)Reserve Champion- Sophia SullivanAdv C&D Informal Wear Champion- Rhea MillerAdv C&D Informal Wear Reserve Champion- Julia MeyerAdv C&D Dress Up Champion- Bella Knueven CropsHay    Grand Champion- Noah Hiltenbeitel    Reserve Grand Champion-  Clayton HunterTobacco    Grand Champion- Daulton Keyes    Reserve Grand Champion- Alexis KeyesWheat    Grand Champion- Ethan Hansen    Reserve Grand Champion- N/aElectricGrand Champion- Kinsey RohlsReserve Grand Champion- Jacob Hoff Division 1    Champion- Zoey Griffith    Reserve Champion- Leah WeberDivision 2    Champion- Jason Emsweller    Reserve Champion- N/aDivision 3    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Level A    Champion- Savannah Dowers    Reserve Champion- Kiersten LuersLevel B    Champion- Savannah Weber    Reserve Champion- Callie ComerLevel C    Champion- Onika Struewing    Reserve Champion- Kylee WeberLevel D    Champion- Elizabeth Evans    Reserve Champion- Abbey Knowlton Level A Single Vegetable Champion- Payton SimonLevel A Single Vegetable Reserve Champion- Leah WeberLevel B Single Vegetable Champion- Brooklyn SimonLevel B Single Vegetable Reserve Champion- Hailee DowersLevel C Single Vegetable Champion- Journey JinesLevel C Single Vegetable Reserve Champion- Mason SchutteLevel D Single Vegetable Champion- Jacob JinesLevel D Single Vegetable Reserve Champion- Cale Beck Sport FishingGrand Champion- Drake MitchellReserve Grand Champion- Leah Weber Division Champions    Advanced Champion- N/a    Intermediate Champion- N/a    Intermediate Reserve Champion- N/a    Beginner Champion- N/a    Beginner Reserve Champion- N/a Wearable ArtsGrand Champion- Lyla StruewingReserve Grand Champion- Kinsey Rohls Division 2    Champion- N/a Level D    Pressure Canned Product Champion- Abbey Knowlton    Pressure Canned Product Reserve Champion- N/a    Frozen Entree Champion- Brooke Sides    Frozen Entree Reserve Champion- N/a    Cooked Jam or Reduce Sugar Fruit Spread Champion- N/a    Cooked Jam or Reduce Sugar Fruit Spread Reserve Champion- N/a CollectionsGrand Champion- Blake MillerReserve Grand Champion- Alaina Dickman Junior DivisionGrand Champion- Callie ComerReserve Champion- Hailey Kunz Pistol:Beginner    1st- Michael Ramsey    2nd- Luke HendrenIntermediate    1st- Luke Sarringhaus    2nd- Quinten SarringhausAdvanced    1st- Adam Muckerheide    2nd- Lewis Darringer Division Champion    Grade 3 Champion- N/a    Grade 3 Reserve Champion- N/a     Grade 4 Champion- Caroline McMillan    Grade 4 Reserve Champion- N/a    Grade 5 Champion- Callie Comer    Grade 5 Reserve Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Champion- Felicity Brelage    Grade 6 Reserve Champion- N/a    Grade 7 Champion- Hailey Kunz    Grade 7 Reserve Champion- Sophia Sullivan Wood ScienceGrand Champion- Rachel KrausReserve Grand Champion- Julia Meyer Beginner     Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/aIntermediate    Champion- Eva Struewing    Reserve Champion- Dakota SiebertAdvanced    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Division Champions    Advanced Champion- N/a    Advanced Reserve Champion- N/a    Intermediate Champion- Kinsey Rohls    Intermediate Reserve Champion- N/a    Beginner Champion- Lyla Struewing    Beginner Reserve Champion- N/a Level 1    Champion- Leah Weber    Reserve Champion- Eli LanhamLevel 2    Champion- Hailee Dowers    Reserve Champion- N/aLevel 3    Champion- Drake Mitchell    Reserve Champion- N/a Intermediate Champion- Blake MillerIntermediate Reserve Champion- Chloe Weber Beginner    Champion- Lucy Reen    Reserve Champion- Serenity FeldmanIntermediate    Champion- Albert Hudepohl    Reserve Champion- Felicity BrelageAdvance    Champion- Annalise Hudepohl    Reserve Champion- Amelia Hartman FoodsGrand Champion- Charity FrommeyerReserve Grand Champion- Rhea Miller SewingGrand Champion- Emilee KnuevenReserve Grand Champion- Kendall Harmeyer WeatherGrand Champion- Mason SchutteReserve Champion- Dylan Brizius Level A    Champion- Leah Weber    Reserve Champion- Nolan HarmeyerLevel B    Champion- Eva Struewing    Reserve Champion- Chloe HunterLevel C    Champion- Lara Moster    Reserve Champion- Nolan Harmeyer GardenGrand Champion- Leanne LudwigReserve Grand Champion- Lucas Ludwig Computer ArtGrand Champion- Mason SchutteReserve Grand Champion- Payton Hornberger Shotgun:Beginner    1st- Dean Mitchell    2nd- Luke HendrenIntermediate    1st-  Evan Kramer    2nd- Quinten SarringhausAdvanced    1st- Zack Riehle    2nd- Adam MuckerheideStill Board:    1st- Quinten Sarringhaus    2nd- Evan Kramer ModelsGrand Champion- Dakota SiebertReserve Grand Champion- Nolan Harmeyer WildlifeGrand Champion- Mason SchutteReserve Grand Champion- Savannah Weber Sr. Division Sewing    Formal Wear Champion- N/a    Formal Wear Reserve Champion- N/a    Dress Up Champion- N/a    Dress Up Reserve Champion- N/a    Free Choice Champion- N/a    Free Choice Reserve Champion- N/a     Informal/Casual Wear Champion- Julia Meyer    Informal/Casual Wear Reserve Champion- N/a    Separates Champion- N/a    Separates Reserve Champion- N/a    Suit/Coat Champion- N/a    Suit/Coat Reserve Champion- N/a Level 1    Champion- Colby Bushhorn    Reserve Champion- Chase NobbeLevel 2    Champion- Dakota Siebert    Reserve Champion- Neil SullivanLevel 3    Champion- Julia Meyer    Reserve Champion- Clark DwengerLevel 4    Champion- Rachel Kraus    Reserve Champion- Zachariah Riehle Soil & Water ConservationGrand Champion- Dylan BriziusReserve Grand Champion- Savannah Weber Beginner    Champion- Sophie Volz    Reserve Champion- Sophie VolzIntermediate    Champion- Kendall Harmeyer    Reserve Champion- Adrienne MitchellAdvance    Champion- Abby McCarty    Reserve Champion- Shaylee Volz GenealogyGrand Champion- Katherine BedelReserve Grand Champion- Jocelyn Allen Division 1 Champion- Jocelyn AllenDivision 1 Reserve Champion- N/aDivision 2 Champion- Savannah DowersDivision 2 Reserve Champion- N/aDivision 3 Champion- Mason SchutteDivision 3 Reserve Champion- N/aDivision 4 Champion- Katherine BedelDivision 4 Reserve Champion- N/aAdv. Division Champion- N/aAdv. Reserve Division Champion- N/a GeologyGrand Champion- Dylan BriziusReserve Grand Champion- Aryanna Cassini Division 1    Champion- N/a Wearable ArtGrand Champion- Kaytlin SizemoreReserve Grand Champion- Kinsey RohlsLevel A    Champion- Lyla Struewing    Reserve Champion- Savannah WeberLevel B    Champion- Kinsey Rohls    Reserve Champion- Chloe HunterLevel C    Champion- Kaytlin Sizemore    Reserve Champion- N/a Level 1    Champion- Savannah Weber    Reserve Champion- Caitlin RaverLevel 2    Champion- Delaney Huesman    Reserve Champion- Lloyd DarringerLevel 3    Champion- Mason Schuette    Reserve Champion- N/aLevel 3 Independent Study    Champion- N/a Level 1    Champion- Mallory Hunter    Reserve Champion- Nolan HarmmeyerLevel 2    Champion- Chloe Hunter    Reserve Champion- Lydia LinvilleLevel 3    Champion- Mason Schutte    Reserve Champion- Payton Hornberger Cake DecoratingGrand Champion- Annalise HudepohlReserve Champion- Lydia Sarringhaus Action DemoGrand Champion Junior- Libby StrattonReserve Grand Champion Junior- N/aGrand Champion Senior- Zack RiehleReserve Grand Champion Senior- N/aBeekeepingGrand Champion- Jason EmswellerReserve Grand Champion- Zoey Griffith Level 1    Champion- Kyle O’Neil    Reserve Champion- Savannah DowersLevel 2    Champion- Hailee Dowers    Reserve Champion- Mya RynnLevel 3   Champion- Emalee Veerkamp   Reserve Champion- N/a EntomologyGrand Champion- Emalee VeerkampReserve Grand Champion- Kyle O’Neil Grade 3    Champion- Leah Weber    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 4    Champion- Savannah Dowers    Reserve Champion- Hugh ReenGrade 5    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 6    Champion- Felicity Brelage    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 7    Champion- Hailee Dowers    Reserve Champion- Adrienne MitchellGrade 8    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 9    Champion- Kylee Weber    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 10    Champion- Karley Bushhorn    Reserve Champion- Lara MosterGrade 11    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/aGrade 12    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Level A    Grade 3 Cookies Grand Champion- Leah Weber    Grade 3 Cookies Reserve Grand Champion- N/a    Grade 4 Berries Champion- Caitlin Raver    Grade 4 Berries Reserve Champion- Savannah Dowers Beginner    Champion- Sophie Riehle    Reserve Champion- Lucie CregarIntermediate    Champion- Lloyd Darringer    Reserve Champion- Hailee DowersAdvance    Champion- Andrew Rennekamp    Reserve Champion- Mason Schutte Level A Single Herb Champion- Level A Single Herb Reserve Champion-Level B Single Herb Champion- Level B Single Herb Reserve Champion-Level C Single Herb Champion- Level C Single Herb Reserve Champion- Level D Single Herb Champion- Level D Single Herb Reserve Champion-  Champion Jr.- Brogan BuchananReserve Champion Jr.- N/aChampion Sr.- Cody FranklinReserve Champion Sr.- Cassie Franklin FloricultureGrand Champion- Onika StruewingReserve Grand Champion- Elizabeth Evans Level 1    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/aLevel 2    Champion- Hailee Dowers    Reserve Champion- N/aLevel 3    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a WeldingGrand Champion- Ethan HansenReserve Grand Champion- Onika Struewing Level A Champion- Leah WeberLevel A Reserve Champion- Savannah WeberLevel B Champion- Nathan VossLevel B Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C Champion- Dylan BriziusLevel C Reserve Champion- N/a Beginner Grand Champion- Nolan HarmeyerBeginner Reserve Champion- N/aIntermediate Champion- Dakota SiebertIntermediate Reserve Champion- N/aAdvanced Champion- Collin ParcellAdvanced Reserve Champion- N/a RecyclingGrand Champion- Andrew RennekampReserve Grand Champion- Sophie Riehle Level A Champion- Savannah WeberLevel A Reserve Champion- Damien BrelageLevel B Champion- Kaylen JohnsonLevel B Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C Champion- Mason SchutteLevel C Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C Independent Study/Mentoring Champion- N/aLevel C Independent Study/Mentoring Reserve Champion- N/a Grades 3-5 Champion- Lucie CregarGrades 3-5 Reserve Champion- Sara SwinneyGrades 6-8 Champion- Kaylyn JohnsonGrades 6-8 Reserve Champion- Blake MillerGrades 9-12 Champion- Sarah RonnebaumGrades 9-12 Reserve Champion- Kylee Weber Rifle:Beginner    1st- Michael Ramsey    2nd- Luke HendrenIntermediate    1st- Quiten Sarringhaus    2nd- Luke SarringhausAdvanced    1st- Adam Muckerheide    2nd- Lewis Darringer Level A    Grade 3 Cookies Champion- Josephine Hall    Grade 3 Cookies Reserve Champion- Anthony Meer    Grade 4 Muffin Champion- Kyleigh Dudley    Grade 4 Muffin Reserve Champion- Colby BushhornLevel B    Grade 5 Cake Champion- Sara Swinney    Grade 5 Reserve Cake Champion- Braiden Hughes    Grade 6 Pretzel/Biscuit Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Pretzel/Biscuit Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C    Breadstick/Rolls Champion- Lucille Grubb    Breadstick/Rolls Reserve Champion- N/a    Yeast Bread Champion- Rhea Miller    Yeast Bread Reserve Champion- Jocelyn Allen    Invented Snack Champion- Kylee Weber    Invented Snack Reserve Champion- N/aLevel D    Fruit Pie Champion- Charity Frommeyer    Fruit Pie Reserve Champion- Oliver Moster    Baked Low Fat/ Reduced Sugar Product Champion- N/a    Bake Low Fat/Reduced Sugar Product Reserve Champion- N/a    Baked Special Dietary Product Champion- Abbey Knowlton    Baked Special Dietary Product Reserve Champion- Abby McCarty Grades 3-5    Champion- Abrahm Speer    Reserve Champion- Noralyn WitteGrades 6-8    Champion- Lloyd Darringer    Reserve Champion- Daymon SpeerGrades 9-12    Champion- Ethan Hansen    Reserve Champion- Logan SoendlinMicrowaveGrand Champion- Karley BushhornReserve Champion- Lara Moster Level B    Grade 5 Pizza Champion- Savannah Weber    Grade 5 Pizza Reserve Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Vegetable Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Vegetable Reserve Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Jam Champion- N/a    Grade 6 Jam Reserve Champion- N/a Level 1    Champion- Leah Weber    Reserve Champion- Noralyn WitteLevel 2    Champion- Kendall Harmeyer    Reserve Champion- Chloe WeberLevel 3    Champion- Gracie Cregar    Reserve Champion- Abbey KnowltonLegosGrand Champion- Lloyd DarringerReserve Grand Champion- Ethan Hansen Level A Garden Collection Champion- Brogan BuchananLevel A Garden Collection Reserve Champion- Dalton KeyesLevel B Garden Collection Champion- N/aLevel B Garden Collection Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C Garden Collection Champion- Leanne LudwigLevel C Garden Collection Reserve Champion- Lucas LudwigLevel D Garden Collection Champion- Level D Garden Collection Reserve Champion-  AerospaceGrand Champion- Kellen Nolen    Reserve Grand Champion- Luke MeerStage 2    Champion- Ethan Nolen     Reserve Champion- Zander HeckStage 3    Champion- Kellen Nolen     Reserve Champion- N/aStage 4    Champion-  Luke Meer    Reserve Champion- N/a Advanced   Class Winners:    B&W Prints Champion- Charity Frommeyer    B&W Prints Reserve Champion – Dillan Hughes    B&W Salon Champion- Emalee Veerkamp    B&W Salon Reserve Champion- Austin Hammond    Color Prints Champion- Charity Frommeyer    Color Prints Reserve Champion- Dillan Hughes    Color Salon Champion- Austin Hammond    Color Salon Reserve Champion- Emalee Veerkamp    Creative Experimental Champion- Emalee Veerkamp    Creative Experimental Reserve Champion- Cassidy HarmeyerPotatoesGrand Champion- Leanne LudwigReserve Grand Champion- Lucas LudwigLevel 1 Champion- N/aLevel 2 Champion- Lucas LudwigLevel 3 Champion- Leanne LudwigLevel 3 Reserve Champion- Emma WagnerLevel 4 Champion- N/aLevel 4 Reserve Champion- N/a ForestryGrand Champion- Mason SchuetteReserve Grand Champion- Savannah Weber Exhibit Hall Project:Grand Champion- Abrahm SpeerReserve Grand Champion- Daymon SpeerGrade 3-5    Champion- Abrahm Speer    Reserve Champion- Leah WeberGrade 6-8    Champion- Daymon Speer    Reserve Champion- Lloyd DarringerGrade 9-12    Champion- Drake Mitchell    Reserve Champion- Zach Riehle Small EnginesGrand Champion- Hailee DowersReserve Champion- N/a Farm SceneGrand Champion-Reserve Grand Champion- Needle CraftGrand Champion- Rhea MillerReserve Grand Champion- Josie Frey SportsGrand Champion- Cody FranklinReserve Grand Champion- Brogan Buchanan Div 1 Champion- Jacob HoffDiv 1 Reserve Champion- Haley FreyDiv 2 Champion- Damien BrelageDiv 2 Reserve Champion- Zander HeckDiv 3 Champion- Caleb KrausDiv 3 Reserve Champion- Logan MeyerDiv 4 Champion- Kinsey RohlsDiv 4 Reserve Champion- Nathaniel KrausDiv Adv Champion- Julia MeyerDiv Adv Reserve Champion- Llody DarringerAdv Electronics Champion- N/aAdv Electronics Reserve Champion- N/a Other CraftGrand Champion-  Michael HoffReserve Grand Champion- Lanie NarwoldBeginner    Champion- Adeline Spokowsky    Reserve Champion- Aryanna CassiniIntermediate    Champion- Lanie Narwold    Reserve Champion- Isabella SpokowskyAdvance    Champion- Michael Hoff    Reserve Champion- Collin Parcell Fine ArtsGrand Champion- Annalise HudepohlReserve Grand Champion- Albert Hudepohl Level A Champion- Savannah WeberLevel A Reserve Champion- Leah WeberLevel B Champion- Chloe HunterLevel B Reserve Champion- N/aLevel C Champion- Dylan BriziusLevel C Reserve Champion- Jessika ThomasLevel C Independent/Mentor Champion- N/aLevel C Independent/Mentor Reserve Champion- N/aVeterinary ScienceGrand Champion- Sarah RonnebaumReserve Grand Champion- Kaylyn Johnson Consumer Clothing NotebookGrand Champion- Chloe WeberReserve Grand Champion- Mallory Hunter Fashion RevueConsumer ClothingGrand Champion- N/aReserve Grand Champion- N/a  Level C    Freezer Jam Champion- Ava Kraus    Freezer Jam Reserve Champion- N/a    Canned Tomato Champion- Savannah Roope    Canned Tomato Reserve Champion- Stephanie Hartman    Canned Pickle Champion-  Heather Parcell    Canned Pickle Reserve Champion- Hailee Dowerss Health Grand Champion- Eva StruewingReserve Grand Champion- Lara Moster Sewing Level A    Champion- Aryanna Cassini    Reserve Champion- Kyle O’NeilLevel B    Champion- Dylan Brizius    Reserve Champion- Level C    Champion- N/a    Reserve Champion- N/a Beginner    Champion- Leah Weber    Reserve Champion- Nolan HarmeyerIntermediate    Champion- Bradley Wirth    Reserve Champion- Clayton HunterAdvance    Champion- Ethan Hansen    Reserve Champion- Onika Struewing Gift WrappingGrand Champion- Shaylee VolzReserve Grand Champion- Kaytlin Sizemore Advanced Champion- Kolton KunzAdvanced Reserve Champion- Kylee Weber Beginner    Champion- Brooklyn Ludwig    Reserve Champion- Payton SimonIntermediate    Champion- Lydia Sarringhaus    Reserve Champion- Landon SaylorAdvance    Champion- Annalise Hudepohl    Reserve Champion- Anastasia EcksteinChild DevelopmentGrand Champion- Abby KnowltonReserve Grand Champion- Callie Comer Advanced1st – Drake Mitchell2nd – Kayden Wiler Beginner Champion- Alaina DickmanBeginner Reserve Champion- Savannah Weber Senior DivisionGrand Champion- Julia MeyerReserve Grand Champion- N/alast_img read more

Ellsworth-Sumner football team receives $1,500 grant

first_imgELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth-Sumner high school football team has received a $1,500 grant from the National Football Foundation.Ellsworth-Sumner coach Duane Crawford’s team was selected by the Coach Mac/Huard Committee of the NFF’s Maine chapter. The charitable private fund is given out to help advance the growth and development of amateur football in Maine.“We’re really excited,” Crawford said. “We have nearly double the number of incoming freshmen interested in joining the team this year.”Crawford said the money will help with costs of uniforms, equipment and other expenses.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textThe team will receive the grant at an annual awards dinner on Wednesday, June 10, at Bowdoin College.last_img