Critics’ Week In Cannes: An Atypical Latin American ‘Harvest’

first_imgBy Dialogo April 27, 2009 I saw Camilo Matiz 1989 is one of Vincent Gallo’s best preformances, the film is amazing! a must!! Movies from Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil and Paraguay have been selected for the 48th Critics’ Week at the Cannes Festival, which from 14 to May 22 will give ample space to the Latin American film industry with an “atypical” proposal. ‘Huacho’ by Chilean Alejandro Fernández Almendras and ‘Mal Día Para Pescar’ by Uruguayan Alvaro Brechner are among seven films in competition for the selection of the Critics’ Week competition. Although in the official selection in competition Latin America is conspicuously absent, the representation of the region’s cinema is important in this edition of the Week. Besides the films selected in competition, the programming includes ‘1989’ by Colombian Camilo Matiz and the shorts ‘Noche Adentro’ by Paraguayan Pablo Lamar and ‘Espalhadas Pelo Ar’ by the Brazilian Vera Egito. The delegate general of the Week, Jean-Christophe Berjon, told AFP that this year’s “harvest” of Latin American cinema was atypical. Berjon said of the absence of Argentinean and Mexican movies, “usually the two most interesting countries in the region regarding their cinematic offerings,” “The reasons are different for the two. In the case of Mexico, it is because the films are not finished and most of the releases will be in mid-autumn,” he said, adding that “in any case, representation is important for other countries where cinematography is becoming more creative.” From Chile, ‘Huacho’ is the “wonderful and exciting story, classified between film and social documentary, of a day in the life of a family,” he said. On the other hand, ‘Mal Día Para Pescar’ is “a film which is the “pleasure-movie” of the selection. It is film about a great scam with elements of western and folk history. It is beautifully constructed from A to Z; it is brilliant and makes you dream on. It is a Latin American work that is not usually seen these festivals,” he said. The Colombian mid-length film ‘1989’ will have the honor of closing the selection. “Colombia is another country bursting with film creativity,” he said. “The actor in ‘1989’ is the American Vincent Gallo. Matiz had the courage to deal with him when Gallo was shooting in Argentina with Francis Coppola; he gave him the script to read, and convinced him to act in his film, which is “brilliant, inspired, vital,” he said. As for the shorts, we find in Paul Lamar in “the same radical film idiom of ‘Oigo Tu Grito’ which we presented last year, and we were interested in following the evolution of the film. This year was also one of the more solid ones,” he said. Brazilian Vera Egito “presented two very interesting films produced in a year in which we decided not to bring her in competition, but to schedule both movies to spotlight not a work, but the filmmaker. It is a way of saying ‘follow this filmmaker, and give her the best resources to work with, because she is brilliant,” he explained. Berjon noted that the Week presents a limited number of films, despite receiving nearly 900 proposals. “It’s a choice we made to emphasize our specificity. We have a less voluminous selection because movies, especially first or second works, are fragile, and our role is to accompany and protect them as much as possible.” This time, they are all early works, except one, ‘Altiplano,’ the second movie co-directed by American Jessica Woodworth, who resides in Belgium, and Belgian Peter Brosens, “a strong and bold proposal that impressed us” in which Latin America is also very present. “Despite being a Belgian film, in it she speaks more in Quechua and Spanish than French or Flemish, and it was partly filmed in Peru,” he said. The purpose of Critics’ Week, the oldest parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, is the discovery and promotion of young cinematic talents. The directors announced included Alejandro González Iñárritu, Bernardo Bertolucci, Barbet Schroeder, Ken Loach, François Ozon, and Wong Kar Wai.last_img read more

Donovan: NCUA out of approps a win for 360-degree advocacy

first_img 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr CUNA Chief Advocacy Ryan Donovan called last week’s successful amendment keeping NCUA out of the appropriations process a great example of what’s possible with 360-degree advocacy in an interview with CUBroadcast Tuesday. Donovan, being interviewed from Madison, Wis., talked about how CUNA, leagues, credit unions and members made their voices heard during the process, as well as what comes next.“This means we won’t be fighting a battle in the appropriations committee every year trying to make sure NCUA is funded at appropriate levels or trying to beat back banker attacks to dictate what goes on at NCUA,” Donovan said. “We want to make sure NCUA is an independent regulator that is doing well by credit unions, that it’s protecting the share insurance fund and more importantly, that the folks sending resources to fund the agency have a say in how those resources are being used.”The original appropriations bill (H.R. 3354), contained a section that would have placed NCUA under the appropriations process, but an amendment offered by Reps. Mark Amodei (R-Nev.) and Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) was successfully added by voice vote the day before. continue reading »last_img read more

FDA finds Taco John’s E coli strain on California farms

first_img Another high-profile E coli outbreak preceded the Taco bell and Taco John’s outbreaks by about 2 months. That outbreak, caused by contaminated fresh spinach from California, involved 204 cases and 3 deaths in 26 states and one Canadian province. The outbreak strain of E coli was found in cattle manure from pastures next to spinach fields in the Salinas Valley. The outbreak strain of E coli has been genetically matched with E coli in two environmental samples gathered on dairy farms near a lettuce-growing area in California’s Central Valley, the FDA said today. The agency said it is continuing its investigation to determine if and how E coli from the dairy farms contaminated lettuce. The outbreak affected 81 people in November and December, including 47 in Iowa, 33 in Minnesota, and 1 in Wisconsin, the FDA reported. Twenty-six people were hospitalized, and two suffered hemolytic uremic syndrome, a form of kidney failure that can be fatal. Jan 12 FDA news release Earlier reports associated the outbreak with Taco John’s restaurants in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Albert Lea and Austin, Minn. Epidemiologic investigation pointed to iceberg lettuce as the likely source of contamination. The FDA said there is no sign that any lettuce now on the market is causing illnesses. The samples were from standing water on the dairy farms, but the FDA has not reached any conclusions about the source of the E coli in the samples, FDA spokeswoman Kimberly Rawlings told CIDRAP News. She said the dairy farms are “in close proximity” to lettuce fields but declined to give any details about their location. See also:center_img The FDA said it is stepping up its efforts to address produce safety and plans to hold public meetings to involve all stakeholders in identifying and implementing safety measures. Officials have said the Taco John’s outbreak was not related to a nearly simultaneous E coli outbreak linked to Taco Bell restaurants on the East Coast, affecting people mainly in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Epidemiologic investigation pointed to lettuce as the likeliest cause of the Taco Bell outbreak, but the E coli strains in the two outbreaks were different. Dec 13 CIDRAP News story “Lettuce suspected in Taco Bell E coli outbreak” Jan 12, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Investigators have tentatively linked the recent Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreak associated with Taco John’s restaurants in Iowa and Minnesota to dairy farms near lettuce fields in California, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Taco John’s spokesman Brian Dixon said the company had suspended purchases from the company that had supplied produce to the three restaurants involved in the outbreak, according to an Associated Press report today. Dixon said the company, based in Cheyenne, Wyo., is talking with its suppliers about more testing of irrigation water and possibly holding produce shipments for microbiologic testing. “FDA was able to focus on specific lettuce growing regions based on the traceback from records obtained from the lettuce processor,” the statement said. “The recent DNA match provides a clue as to one possible source of the contamination for the lettuce, although others may exist. It has yet to be determined how the E. coli contaminated the lettuce.”last_img read more

Central Istria is or should be the “new big thing” of Istrian tourism

first_imgCover photo: Central Istria Tourist Board In the first half of August, 14,30% more arrivals were realized compared to the same period last year The share of overnight stays by country from January to mid-August was: Germany 60%, Croatia 10%, Austria 5%, Belgium 4% and the Netherlands and Poland 3% each. Interestingly, the average length of stay of foreign guests was eight days, but which clearly shows the profile of guests coming to luxury holiday homes. These are hotel guests, but who want privacy in addition to luxury. Precisely luxury holiday homes will not only be in the short-term trend, but will remain the main or premium accommodation product in the long run. Even more sought after by hotels with 4 **** More about the attached article. In the period from 01. to 16.08.2020. 6.945 arrivals were realized, ie 14,30% more than last year and 50.357 overnight stays, which is 92,78% of last year’s number of overnight stays. Foreign guests realized 96% of overnight stays, and domestic 4%. The interior of Istria is a marvel of story, emotion and experience, and the foundations are more than excellent. But now it is necessary to put development in a planned, sustainable and strategic framework and accelerate development, in order to arrange and protect the tourist mosaic wisely. Central Istria is the “new big thing” of Istrian tourism. “Our accommodation capacities are mostly holiday homes, which are dislocated and offer guests privacy and isolation, which were additionally sought after this year. Precisely central Istria with a combination of outdoor activities without large crowds, eno gastronomic offer, natural and cultural – historical attractions offers quality facilities without the need for contacts, if the guest does not want it”Points out the director of TZSI Sanja Kantaruti. / / / FINALLY STORIES AND A DIFFERENT NARRATIVE IN THE PROMOTION OF A TOURIST DESTINATION – DARE TO EXPLORE At least it should be, but it is necessary to accelerate strategic and sustainable development, and save the area from devastation. If anyone has experience in tourism, it is certainly Istria, as well as the negative consequences of the same. It is logical and natural for central Istria to be a new oasis of year-round tourism. / / / LUXURY HOLIDAY HOMES ARE NOT JUST A CURRENT TREND, BUT THEY WILL BECOME THE FIRST CHOICE. MARRIOTT CONFIRMS THIS AS WELL As has been said since the beginning of the Covid crisis, a special focus this year will be on the interior as well as the luxuries of the holiday home, which have been excellently filled this year as well. Although it is difficult to predict what the post-season will be like at the moment, due to the “closing” of Italy, Austria, and maybe soon Slovenia, they are still hoping for a good post-season in central Istria. Central Istria is the “new big thing” of Istrian tourism. In 2020, there are 11% more accommodation units in the TZSI area than in 2019 (1.139) and 10% more beds (5.281) and facilities (913) than in 2019.center_img While on the one hand we have developed sea destinations and tourist infrastructure, as well as strong hoteliers, on the other hand central Istria is exactly the product that Istria lacks, in order to complete the whole story. The central, ie the interior of Istria is exactly the biggest secret and the next big step that Istria must complete and embrace. But a totally different tourism product from sea tourism, which complements itself perfectly. Also, everything is close in Istria, and from any destination on the coast you are in half an hour in a tourist story and ambience. There are certainly various dangers and negative trends if the entire development is not conducted strategically and planned. As is the great interest of investors for a new wild “apartmentization” by creating artificial Istrian villages without soul and people. And all under the prism of real estate, not tourism business. A city or a village is not made up of buildings, but of people. And tourism without people makes no sense. Who will sell an authentic experience if not the locals. Ultimately, for whom is tourism developed, if not to raise the quality of the local population? Also, one of the positive things that is happening in Istria, and thanks to more and more luxury holiday homes is the opening of a new market for family farms. Thus, local Istrian family farms organized and began to offer guests in holiday homes deliveries of their products to the doorstep. A new market has opened up, which I also wrote about in the above article. The main problem of central Istria is that it is again not united as one tourist product, the North-Western cluster is missing, which creates additional problems in positioning, branding and development. It is NW Istria that has developed and positioned itself best, at least in my opinion, and let’s say we have an absurd situation where Motovun belongs to central Istria, and Grožnjan to NW Istria. Tourists really do not know or are interested in various municipal, city, county and other imaginary borders, but they see first Croatia as a destination, and only then Istria. That is why it is necessary to brand the regions, and then descend to logical and natural wholes, as well as niche rounded tourist products. And that is why central Istria should be one brand, because it is one story. I emphasize, it is about the interior of Istria or one area. That is why it is not surprising that the area of ​​the Tourist Board of Central Istria (TZSI) in the period from 01.01. to 16.08.2020. realized 20.757 arrivals, ie 72,44% in relation to the same period last year and 153.215 overnight stays or 71,89% in relation to 2019. Of the above, 90,38% of overnight stays were realized by foreign and 9,62% by domestic guests . Another major problem is slow strategic development due to lack of financial and human resources. There is a lack of human capacity as well as a financial budget, to arrange the whole story wisely. Especially from the County of Istria and the Tourist Board of the County of Istria, a much greater focus and financial injection is needed, ie its strategic development. It cannot be said that they do not finance development, but they are crumbs – too little and not enough, for a real step forward. The potentials, but also the signal from the market are there, everything is already nicely arranged, you just need to network it nicely, package and present it and give direction and vision of development. Development cannot be left to small municipalities and cities and tourist communities, which do not have enough human and financial resources to make a bigger step forward. “The post-season is growing from year to year, and the number of domestic guests is growing, which makes me very happy. Our facilities are open in the off-season, the season continues and we hope that growth will continue in the off-season. ” Kantaruti concludes. But it is important to accelerate development, but to be strategic and sustainable. This is precisely the role of the public system as a DMC / DMO agency to smartly lead and push these processes forward. Because the private sector recognized this very well, the whole story holds water very well on the market and the interior of Istria began to breathe with full tourist “lungs”. The focus is on quality, not quantity. Villa Covri / photo by Rajan Milosevic / Corridor 2 7 The question is: Will the interior of Istria develop slowly and “spontaneously” or will development accelerate, but through smart, planned and sustainable management of the new Istrian tourist paradigm. This is a real challenge and a key issue. The quality development of the interior of Istria is in the interest of large hoteliers as well as the whole of Istria, because it is this content that prolongs the season, attracts quality guests, increases tourist spending, and gives value for money. In my opinion, there are two key problems. last_img read more

Investment: Manchester offices selling out

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‘Easy’ to combat United plan – Rene

first_img Manchester United slipped nine points behind the Champions League qualification places on Sunday night after yet another disappointing result for Moyes and his under-performing squad. On paper United could not have wished for better opponents. “One of the big things about Manchester United is that they do play with width, they do cross the ball, its in their genes here,” the Scot said. Moyes did admit that he was worried about his side’s struggle to find away through a Fulham defence that had conceded 53 goals in their previous 24 league matches. He was just as concerned about a “mental softness” which he thinks his men displayed in the dying stages. After delivering cross after cross into the Fulham area, Robin van Persie turned home from close range and Michael Carrick made it 2-1 to United 80 seconds later. United had just 15 minutes to hold on to their lead, but they failed miserably as Bent nodded in from barely a yard out following a Fulham break. “You could say we maybe had a mental softness in that we didn’t see the game out and get the job done,” Moyes said. “When we went 2-1 up they left us with the ball. It was just a case of playing out time and we gave away a diabolical second goal. “It was a game we should have easily seen out. “We were comfortable. We weren’t under any real pressure.” Moyes pulled few punches in the assessment of his team’s failure to break down a stubborn and organised Fulham defence. There were a few frank calls from the terraces at full-time, too. Boos and whistles could be heard. Although they were not widespread, patience is starting to run out for some United fans who are used to seeing their team bring home trophy after trophy every year. United have dropped 18 points at home this season and on their travels they have lost to Liverpool, Manchester City, Stoke and Chelsea. When asked whether he could have seen the season going as bad this when he took over from Ferguson, his reply was: “Probably not, no.” There was a similarly downbeat answer from Moyes when he was asked whether his team could finish in the top four. “We will do our best,” Moyes said. “We have a good team and there will be very few teams desperate to play Manchester United, that’s for sure.” It is hard to believe that Arsenal, who face United on Wednesday, will share Moyes’ point of view after this latest underwhelming display from the champions. Fulham manager Rene Meulensteen pinched a point on his return to Old Trafford and then claimed it was easy to pick David Moyes’ game plan apart. Fulham were rock-bottom of the Barclays Premier League with the worst defensive record in the division. Five days earlier they were knocked out of the FA Cup by Sheffield United, who are in the League One relegation zone. But the Cottagers took just 19 minutes to open the scoring and they then survived an onslaught from United to eventually come away with a 2-2 draw thanks to Darren Bent’s 94th-minute equaliser. United flung a record 81 crosses into the Fulham box, but with 6ft 7in centre-back Dan Burn in the away side, former United coach Meulensteen said his team were well prepared for everything the hosts threw at them. “When I saw Manchester United today I thought the game plan was quite straightforward – get it wide, get it in,” said Meulensteen, who walked away from Old Trafford last summer following a long spell among Sir Alex Ferguson’s backroom staff. “If you’re well organised and the goalkeeper is in good positions to come and collect the ball it can be easy [to defend against]. “You need a little bit of creativity and a bit of variety at times to open [teams] up. “It was partly straightforward. We know that we had to be more compact and tight in wide areas because United would cross the ball a lot.” Moyes defended his decision to pump so many balls into the box even though it was clear that the tactic was not working. Press Associationlast_img read more

Trump Retweets Post Naming Alleged Whistleblower

first_imgPresident Trump retweeted a post on Friday night that included the alleged name of the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint led to the president’s recent impeachment by the House over his communications with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.The tweet later disappeared, but Twitter says that a glitch was hiding those retweets and many others.The social media outlet explained the software bug in a statement Saturday night, stating: “Due to an outage with one of our systems, tweets on account profiles were visible to some, but not others. We’re still working on fixing this and apologize for any confusion.”Trump has shared more than 100 posts about the whistleblower over the past three months but had not mentioned or inferred any names until this weekend.However, Trump retweeted a message just before midnight Friday from Twitter user @surfermom77. That account claims to be a California resident named Sophia. She describes herself as a “100%Trump Supporter.” The account had nearly 79,000 followers as of Saturday afternoon.Some of the previous posts from that account have denounced Islam and criticized former President Barack Obama and other Democrats.U.S. whistleblower laws exist in order to protect the identities and careers of people who bring forth accusations of wrongdoing by government officials.In a statement issued to the Associated Press, Twitter explains the @surfermom77 tweet was “not a violation of the Twitter Rules.”Mr. Trump insists he did nothing wrong in his dealings with Ukraine and asserts that the whistleblower made up the complaint, although other officials have corroborated it. In addition, the president argues that he has a right to face his accuser and is calling on the whistleblower to step forward.last_img read more

Blackburn boss says Samba will stay

first_imgBlackburn manager Steve Kean has claimed that defender Chris Samba is not for sale.Rovers have rejected offers from QPR for the centre-back, who played under R’s boss Mark Hughes at Ewood Park.Tottenham are also interested in Samba but Kean insists the player is not available.AdChoices广告“He’s not for sale, it’s as simple as that,” the Scot is quoted as saying.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

MSOC : Orange falls to New Mexico, finishes Akron Tournament 0-2

first_img Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Three minutes into overtime, Syracuse found itself in a familiar position as it was against American last week. Midfielder Nick Roydhouse had control of the ball and a chance to give SU another overtime win. Last weekend, his free kick propelled the Orange to an overtime win against American.This time, Roydhouse sent a strike toward the goal that was SU’s chance for a signature win over No. 16 New Mexico. But the ball hit the crossbar.New Mexico scored three minutes later to hand SU its second straight loss.‘We played against a really good team,’ SU head coach Ian McIntyre said in a phone interview. ‘I think individually and collectively we defended very well and hung in there and had a couple chances to win the game. Unfortunately, in overtime they found a way to finish it off.’With the loss, the Orange (2-4, 0-0 Big East) returns home after dropping both games in the University of Akron Tournament. The back-to-back 2-1 losses — the first on Friday against Cal Poly and the latest on Sunday against New Mexico — provided the Orange with two tough matches against quality teams. SU didn’t win, but they were games that McIntyre feels will help his team prepare for upcoming Big East play.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textMcIntyre has confidence his team will be ready after it nearly beat an undefeated New Mexico team that tied defending national champion Akron in the same tournament.‘This is a perfect way, and not perfect in the way that we came home with two losses, but a very good way to prepare us for the biggest part of our season,’ McIntyre said. ‘There’s a lot of young guys, and this was a good test. New Mexico is one of the elite programs and today we fought very hard.’In what has seemingly become a trend for the Orange defense this season, a freshman defender provided the SU offensive with a goal. This time it was Jordan Murrell, whose game-tying goal against the Lobos made it possible for SU to make it to overtime against New Mexico.Murrell got a nice feed from fellow freshman defender Chris Makowski and tied the score late in the game. Although the goal was made meaningless by the final result, the experience the freshmen defenders are picking up will continue to be key once SU faces tough conference opponents.‘We have a lot of young guys getting very important minutes and experience playing against a frontline of the attacking players of Cal Poly and New Mexico,’ McIntyre said. ‘It is certainly making our young guys grow up very quickly, and I think our young guys rose to the challenge this weekend.’In terms of wins and losses, the Orange still came out of this weekend on the wrong end. It held its own, but a loss is a loss. Although SU hasn’t been blown out this season, each of its losses has been decided by one goal.It makes developing a better offensive output even more important. If Roydhouse’s shot had gone in, SU would have come home with a .500 weekend record. But it didn’t, and his miss highlights Syracuse’s ongoing struggles to score not just in Akron, but during the whole 2011 season.Still, SU’s ability to score at least one goal is an improvement over last season, when it went scoreless in more than half of its games. In six games this year, SU has scored at least one goal five times.‘There’s a very thin line between winning and losing at this level,’ McIntyre said. ‘Yes, it’s been tight, but we’ve really learned a lot from these last couple games. I think playing against Cal Poly and New Mexico, we realized we’ve got a pretty decent team.’rnmarcus@syr.educenter_img Published on September 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm Contact Rachel: rnmarcus@syr.edulast_img read more

Muhammad Ali Jr. stopped at US airport again

first_imgMuhammad Ali Jr. The son of the late boxing champion Muhammad Ali was stopped by officials at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Friday.Muhammad Ali Jr. was traveling from Washington D.C. to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is the second time in two weeks that the late boxer’s son was harried by airport officials and he is adamant that he is being profiled because he is a Muslim with an Arabic sounding name.Ali Jr. was stopped by a ticket agent who said his identification was expired and refused to give him his boarding pass. The agent informed Ali that his name was flagged and he would not be allowed to board the plane until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was contacted, Ali has since protested that his ID is not expired and said there were no explanation given on why he was stopped for an “expired ID.” He said he eventually retrieved his passport and was allowed to board a JetBlue Airways flight after about 25 minutes.According to a statement from DHS Ali Jr. arrived at the security check point, his jewelry alarmed the scanner and he received a targeted pat-down to clear the alarm.On February 7, immigration officials at Fort Lauderdale Airport detained and extensively questioned Ali and his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, about their ancestry and religion. The mother and son, both born in the United States, have said in interviews that they believe they have been stopped because they are Muslim with Arabic names. Earlier this week, they announced a campaign for religious freedom in the spirit of the boxing icon, supported by ex-boxing greats Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Roberto Duran and others. They say they are opposed to President Donald Trump’s travel ban, which they feel unfairly targets Muslims.last_img read more