Which? reveals best and worst supermarkets

first_imgTesco has been rated the worst supermarket as part of a new survey compiled by Which?.The consumer advice group revealed responses ofmore than 11,400 of its members as part of its supermarkets survey, which saw Tesco the lowest-rated of nine supermarkets, with an overall score of 45%.This compares to John Lewis-owned Waitrose, which came in at the top of the list with a score of 82%, followed by discount retailers Aldi and Lidl, who scored 74% and 69% respectively.Among the big four supermarkets, Morrisons came out on top with a score of 59%, followed by Sainsbury’s (58%) and Asda (53%).Which? members were also asked about their biggest irritation when shopping in supermarkets, with more than a third (37%) saying not being able to compare prices because of different unit measurements as their biggest bug bear.In addition, more than half (55%) said they preferred straight discounts rather than other offers, such as petrol vouchers (16%) or buy-one-get-one-free deals (11%).Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, said:“Research showed that rising food prices are one of consumers’ top financial worries, so in these tough economic times it’s understandable that supermarkets scoring well for value for money are being ranked so highly in our league table.“But our survey also found that consumers think supermarkets are not doing enough to help shoppers on tight budgets, with only one in five members saying they trust retailers to charge a fair price for food.”He added that he wanted supermarkets to make a firm commitment to treat their customers fairly by scrapping misleading price promotions and introducing clear, consistent unit pricing so that they can be clearly identified by shoppers.The online survey, conducted last October, asked respondents to rate the supermarket firms on both in-store and online offerings, focusing on areas such as customer service, pricing, fresh produce quality and delivery.last_img read more

ND releases statement on assault

first_imgNotre Dame released a statement Thursday in which it said it thoroughly investigates every sexual misconduct allegation, adheres to student privacy laws and does not tolerate sexual misconduct, in response to complaints directed at the University. “Sexual misconduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Notre Dame,” the statement said. “The unfortunate reality is that sexual misconduct is a serious issue at colleges and universities across the country, and we are not immune.” The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) delayed the investigation of a sexual assault allegation that a Saint Mary’s College student filed in September against a male Notre Dame student. The Tribune cited the student and her family’s disappointment with the University’s investigation. The Tribune also compared the case to that of Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg, a Saint Mary’s student who committed suicide in September, nine days after reporting a sexual assault allegation against a Notre Dame athlete to NDSP. Seeberg’s parents expressed disappointment with the University in a December interview with the Chicago Tribune, but Notre Dame and University President Fr. John Jenkins have said the investigation had integrity. “We regret that some are critical of our handling of sexual misconduct allegations, and we understand the pain these families are experiencing,” Notre Dame’s Thursday statement said. “At the same time, we stand behind the thoroughness, integrity and objectivity of our investigations, as well as the services available to students who are subjected to sexual misconduct.” NDSP works with the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office, Special Victims Unit and other area police departments throughout sexual misconduct investigations, according to the statement. “Notre Dame takes very seriously its obligation to thoroughly investigate every allegation of sexual misconduct, particularly in light of the gravity, complexity and sensitivity of these cases,” the statement said. University spokesman Dennis Brown said the University is working with the U.S. Department of Education to review its policies on sexual misconduct allegations. “We’re working with the department on an overall review of our policies,” he said. “This review is unrelated to any specific case.” The University does not release information about investigations, according to the statement, because it follows the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects students’ education records, grades and disciplinary histories. “However, beyond the limitations imposed by FERPA, it is Notre Dame’s long-held belief and policy that our students deserve certain degrees of privacy as part of the educational process, and we have stood by that principle, even in the face of the criticism that might invite,” the statement said. According to the statement, sexual misconduct cases are particularly complicated on college campuses, when the students involved are usually acquaintances and alcohol is often a factor. “The University works tirelessly on many fronts to combat sexual misconduct — by holding students to the highest of behavioral standards, providing victims and survivors with the resources they need, offering an array of education and prevention programs and promoting an environment of respect that honors the human dignity of each person,” the statement said.last_img read more

Irish defeat Midshipmen

first_img “I think especially when it’s songs that everyone knows and we’re all singing at the same time, we’re all a community, and it feels cool to be a part of that,” she said. “It was awesome to have a game on my birthday,” she said. “And it was really fun to share my birthday with Angela. We called every touchdown a birthday touchdown for us and I got to go up for 28 push-ups.” “There were definitely still some sloppy plays, but there is always room for improvement,” she said. “I think the team definitely pulled themselves back together after being shaken up by USC last week and started playing like it was our game, not someone else’s. It was great to see us converting on third downs and driving the ball well.” “It was more toned-down,” Sullivan said. “I was worried that it would take away from the band, and I like the tradition that we have, but I think they did a better job this time.” “I thought they did a really good job with it this weekend. ‘Crazy Train’ was fun, but it got played a little too much [at the USC game],” he said. “I thought they did a great job of mixing it up this weekend. It got everyone pumped.” Andruszkiewicz said she thought the game went very well overall. “It was pretty much a perfect game for me because it was my 20th birthday,” Ryck said. “My family was here — my parents and my sister and a few friends.” “It was pretty much a perfect game for me because it was my 20th birthday,” Ryck said. “My family was here — my parents and my sister and a few friends.” Winning was a great birthday present, Andruszkiewicz said. “It was awesome to have a game on my birthday,” she said. “And it was really fun to share my birthday with Angela. We called every touchdown a birthday touchdown for us and I got to go up for 28 push-ups.” Junior Joe Thomas said the Oct. 23 loss to USC lowered his expectations for the season but did not make him especially concerned about Saturday’s game against Navy.center_img For junior Angela Ryck and sophomore Eily Andruszkiewicz, Notre Dame’s 56-14 victory over Navy was particularly special because it was also their birthdays. Thomas said he was pleased the Irish scored so many points but thinks the team still needs to improve. “I think we needed this game against a not very legitimate offense,” Thomas said. “I would have been a lot more concerned if they weren’t an option offense that I know we can stop.” Andruszkiewicz said she thought the game went very well overall.well.”stop.”vulnerable.”pumped.”time.”Rague said she liked the music a lot. “I’ve always thought the key to success in a football team is having a steady quarterback, and we still haven’t made a decision there,” he said. “We’re a solid chunk through the season and I think that’s what’s holding us back. The quarterback is the leader on the field and if we feel like the quarterback could be pulled at any time, everyone feels more vulnerable.” Junior Kelly Sullivan said she wasn’t sure if she liked the music but thought it was better than it was at the USC game. The music played over the loudspeakers was a nice touch, Thomas said. Sophomore Lisa Rague said she liked the music a lot. Winning was a great birthday present, Andruszkiewicz said.last_img read more

Notre Dame students launch Friends of Israel Club

first_imgFour students have founded the Friends of Israel Club on Notre Dame’s campus, aiming to educate students on the history and current political situation within Israel. The club, which began meeting last month, is a bipartisan political group which also hopes to offer opportunities to support Pro-Israel politicians and legislation.According to junior James Argue, co-founder of the club, the Friends of Israel’s stance is opposed to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign.“We hope to … provide an alternative point of view on campus,” Argue said in an email. “We believe that most Notre Dame students would strongly support the American-Israeli alliance if they examined these issues more closely. We hope to provide that opportunity and to help create an informed and meaningful dialogue throughout campus.”According to senior president and co-founder Tom Olohan, the club was founded in December 2015 and first met as a group this past February. The other three co-founders are junior James Argue, graduate student Brendan Roche and senior Matt Matigian.Olohan said he was inspired to start the club after noticing a bias in the information provided to students.“After attending the ‘Understanding Gaza’ panel, I was very disappointed that all the attendees left that room with only one side of the story of the 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas,” Olohan said in an email, “While I published an article that addressed some of these issues in The Observer the next spring, I soon realized that a student club would be the most effective way to educate students on these issues.“I founded The Friends of Israel to spread awareness of the rich history of Israel from Joshua to David, from subjugation and exile at the hands of the Assyrians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans, English and others, to independence in 1948. Students need to know about the dangerous regional situation of Israel and the incredible benefits Israel provides for the United States. Finally, I founded the club to let students know about Pro-Israel politicians and legislation and offer students the opportunity to support both.”According to Olohan, the club’s primary activity involves coordinating presentations geared at educating students on important American-Israeli issues, and on the history of and current political situation in Israel. Additionally, the club brings in Pro-Israeli speakers throughout the year, and will host an event towards the end of the spring semester celebrating Israeli culture and the American-Israeli alliance.On Wednesday, the club is planning to present at the College Republicans club meeting to both introduce the Friends of Israel Club and its goals, as well as to present opportunities to support the campaigns of pro-Israel legislators.According to Roche, other events planned for the semester include a March 30 talk by Yuval Shaham, current Israeli Emissary to the Jewish Federation of Saint Joseph Valley, as well as an April 8 event in South Bend co-sponsored with the Jewish Federation of Saint Joseph Valley during which Arab-Israeli diplomat George Deek will speak.Roche said that students should be interested in Israel because it “[provides] the [United States] with key intelligence regarding nations in the surrounding area.”“They also have cooperated in the United States, particularly in the field of technology, which has helped the profitability of U.S. companies. It is also important that it is a democracy, unlike the majority of countries in the region, and that it is a true ally in the face of many regimes that have a very unfavorable view of America,” Roche said.“We are hoping to reach out to the incoming class, as well as providing an alternate point of view for those already on campus,” Argue said. “The public is often only given one side of the story, and this is just as true at Notre Dame as elsewhere. We want to provide the missing information and to be a voice on the other side of the issue. Again, we want to stress that we are a bipartisan group and that we support a two-state solution in the right conditions. Ultimately, we want to raise awareness of the plight of Israel and to be the catalyst for meaningful debate on our campus.”Tags: Friends of Israel, hamas, Israellast_img read more

New Kids on the Broadway Block! Meet 12 Young Stars Ages 8 to 18

first_imgTHE KING AND IJON VIKTOR CORPUZ, 18JAKE LUCAS, 12WHAT’S THE BIGGEST PERK OF BEING A BROADWAY STAR?JON: Getting a car to pick you up from your apartment! [Laughs.] And missing school. We both go to the same school! Jake’s in the middle school and I’m in the high school.JAKE: Yeah, we go to a performing arts school that supports auditioning and doing acting projects.DESCRIBE YOUR CO-STAR KELLI O’HARA IN ONE WORD.JON: Radiant.JAKE: Magnificent! This is the third time Kelli O’Hara has played my mom. I’m her honorary son now. DOCTOR ZHIVAGOAVA RILEY MILES, 10JONAH HALPERIN, 10SOPHIA GENNUSA, 11WHAT SONG IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON FOR AUDITIONS?SOPHIA: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” And “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic for rock auditions.AVA: “Live Out Loud” from A Little Princess. It has a nice belt to it.JONAH: “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” from Finding Neverland. I’m a high belter, I would say, in general.SOPHIA: We like songs that start low and build up, and that’s what the songs in Doctor Zhivago do. They’re beautiful, but a lot of the songs are really sad.AVA: Some of the songs make us cry—it takes place during the Civil War.JONAH: No, it’s the Russian Revolution!AVA: It’s the Russian Civil War, but OK.SOPHIA: We’re trying to get our history right! FUN HOMEZELL STEELE MORROW, 8SYDNEY LUCAS, 11OSCAR WILLIAMS, 11WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO BACKSTAGE, BESIDES HOMEWORK?SYDNEY: Who ever said we like to do homework? [Laughs.]OSCAR: Yeah, we don’t like homework! I’ll probably play on my iPad or watch a movie or something.ZELL: Yeah, either read or play.OSCAR: We’re gonna have so much fun backstage.ZELL: Yes, yes! We have to play Heads Up!SYDNEY: Heads Up! is our number-one game. We have all these random jokes now, about Santa Claus and CPR…ZELL: [Giggles.]OSCAR: One time while we were playing Sydney said, “Put on your sunburn so you don’t get a sunscreen.” Our complete lack of common sense is hilarious. Star Files FINDING NEVERLANDHAYDEN SIGNORETTI, 12ALEX DREIER, 11JACKSON DEMOTT HILL, 13SAWYER NUNES, 13WHICH ACTOR HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO WORK WITH?HAYDEN: Neil Patrick Harris. He’s hilarious! And he’s really nice.SAWYER: Jeremy Jordan. He’s a great role model and he has such a presence onstage.JACKSON: My idol is definitely Hugh Jackman. I wanna be on film and stage, just like him.ALEX: Daniel Radcliffe. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I met him once and I was so starstruck I couldn’t say anything.HAYDEN: You wanna be in Harry Potter the Musical with him.ALEX: Yeah, I’d play Little Harry!SAWYER: No, you’d play the owl [laughs].center_img Watch out, New York City—kids are taking over the Great White Way! These 12 stars ages 8 to 18 are appearing in some of the most highly anticipated musicals of the season with big Broadway names like Matthew Morrison, Kelli O’Hara and Michael Cerveris, just to name a few. Broadway.com took the dozen stars to Chelsea Piers for a fun day of jumping on trampolines, climbing on bars and diving into a giant ball pit. Are these kids future matinee idols? Tony winners? Show People guests? Meet the new kids on the Broadway block…and remember their names! View Comments Sawyer Nuneslast_img read more

Trump is in a state of rage and denial as he watches it all slip away from him

first_imgExpect the Trump Rage Show to go on. But it’s the flailing rage of a loser trying to deny that he’s a loser. And that’s a sweet thing to watch because it’s so well deserved. The groundwork had been set for Trump’s denial as his leads in Election Day voting gave way to large numbers of mail votes heavily favoring Biden in key states—aides had tried to get him to understand how this was going to go, but still he was “genuinely taken aback” when it happened. Because the man couldn’t internalize the facts ahead of time.Trump is sitting around watching television coverage of the election, fuming, and rage-tweeting basically. His advisers are reportedly trying to keep him from going out on television and saying more stuff so false and dangerous that it forces Republicans to distance themselves from him, however gingerly. But Thursday night showed how successful they are at that. (They’re not.)- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Danish pension funds guarded about IT venture fund plan

first_img“Based on the generated results, we see a mixed picture,” he said. “Overall, Danish venture funds have not performed satisfactorily – in fact they underperformed compared to other investments.”Jan Østergaard, head of private investments at labour-market pension fund Industriens Pension, said: “Such an investment depends on a number of parameters, which we do not know yet.“Generally speaking, investments in Danish venture funds are relatively risky, and it is crucial be very selective in relation to which venture funds you will invest in.“We would like to consider it more closely if we get more details, but we will hardly invest a very large amount in the area due to the investment’s risk profile.”According to the plan, the fund – Dansk Venturekapital – is to be established along the same lines as two existing growth funds from state financing fund Vækstfonden, known as Dansk Vækstkapital 1 and 2. However, the new vehicle is to comprise 50% venture funds and 50% private equity funds, according to the proposal.It should be set up within the next one or two years, IT-Branchen said, so it is ready at the point when Vækstfonden has invested funds from Dansk Vækstkapital 2.Pension funds could invest half of the capital in the form of debt, with first losses covered by Vækstfonden, the proposal suggested.Peter Wilmar Christensen, co-founder of software company Greenwave Systems and chairman of IT-Branchen’s capital committee, said one in five IT businesses in Denmark found lack of capital was a significant barrier to growth and job creation.“If we are going to get growth companies up and running, we must have Denmark’s biggest money tanks in the game,” Christensen said. “The pension companies have some giant stores of money, but they are used to a large extent for bonds and shares in large international businesses.”He added: “Why not get some of these many billions of kroner out and working for small and medium-sized Danish companies, so that all Danes can benefit from the shift to digital?”But PFA’s Nøhr Poulsen said previous returns from Danish tech companies meant it would be more selective at home than in the US, for example.“We have similar investments in both Denmark and abroad,” he said. “Last year, we, together with ATP, invested in the private equity firm VIA equity, which has special focus on Danish tech companies, and we also hold investments in US venture capital funds investing in US tech companies.”However results were generally better in the US than the those seen in Denmark, he said.“This does not mean that we will refrain from making investments in Denmark, but our approach to Danish investments are much more selective in this area,” said Nøhr Paulsen. Danish pension funds PFA and Industriens have responded cautiously to a proposal from the country’s IT industry association to launch a state-supported venture capital fund for the sector.The Danish IT industry association, IT-Branchen, has outlined a proposal for a new venture capital fund-of-funds to raise money for the sector, targeting investment of 1% of pension fund contributions in Denmark, which would equate to around DKK1bn (€134m) a year.Henrik Nøhr Poulsen, chief investment officer of equities and alternatives at Denmark’s biggest commercial pensions provider PFA, told IPE: “We are very interested in investing in companies that create Danish jobs. However, it is [important] that the investments go hand in hand with PFA receiving a reasonable return proportional to the risk we take.”Nøhr Poulsen said venture capital was an area of investment he had studied and backed over the last 20 years.last_img read more

Prisoner’s sperm donation petition

first_imgNewsHub 4 May 2017Mr Seymour has come to the defence of Trevor Mallard, after the Labour MP presented a petition to Parliament from a convicted murderer wanting to donate sperm so he could father a child from behind bars.Karl Teangiotau Nuku’s petition asks “that the House pass legislation providing prisoners with the opportunity to make seminal donations to registered agencies, so as to father a child”.“He’s going to get beaten up for introducing this petition,” Mr Seymour told The AM Show.“Can’t stand the guy myself, but Members of Parliament get petitions that they may not want to bring themselves – they may not believe in them, but I’ve done it myself.”Mr Seymour said allowing a convicted murderer the opportunity to be a parent is not fair.“If prisoners want to repay their debt to society by donating blood and their organs, then they’re welcome to do that,” Family First director Bob McCoskrie says.“But fatherhood is not a right – it’s a privilege based on the person’s ability and commitment to being an active and responsible dad for that child.”READ MORE: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2017/05/prisoner-s-sperm-donation-petition-no-right-to-jizz-in-a-cup-david-seymour.htmlKeep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Arrested ex-army, 2 others tagged in slay plot vs NegOr guv, wife

first_imgHe thanked the members of Police Regional Office-6, especially the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, and the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division for successfully intercepting the suspects. BACOLOD City – Gov. Roel Degamo of Negros Oriental said yesterday the three individuals arrested in Malay, Aklan were involved in a plot to assassinate him and his wife. DEGAMO. PNA “In the next elections, I am telling you that I am running again as governor of the province of Negros Oriental),” he added. (With a report from PNA/PN) Recovered from the suspects around 9 p.m. on June 29 were assorted short and long firearms, several rounds of ammunition and other personal items and documents. The governor believes all three are members of a local gun-for-hire group. All three are facing charges for violation of Republic Act 10591, or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act and for violation of quarantine protocols. The attempt on their lives was foiled after police in Western Visayas were informed of the suspects’ arrival.  Police identified the suspects as Marvin Miranda, 31, an Army reservist and resident of Villareal, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental; Mario Puyal, 62, a retired Army soldier and resident of Barangay Ususan in Taguig City; and Adolfo Obiacoro, 34, a tricycle driver of Imus, Cavite who claimed to be temporarily residing in Bayawan City. Asked for the possible reason for the attempt on his life and that of his wife, Degamo believes it had something to do with the decision of the Supreme Court that he could still run as governor in the 2020 elections. BY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGA Degamo said he and his wife have been alerted by his people in Metro Manila that three men plotting to kill them boarded a roll-on/roll-off vessel in Batangas bound for the Caticlan Jetty Port in Malay. Referring to political detractors while not mentioning names, Degamo said because they cannot defeat him, “the only way to do it is to eliminate me and my wife”.last_img read more