) Professor Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania, they will be released for the Thanksgiving weekend and will resume MondayIn his closing prosecutor Gary Euren referred to Alonna Norberg testifying about what happened to her on the night of June 16-17 2011 She told jurors it "was not oral sex" when she briefly awoke and found her husband forcing himself into her mouth"You remember the raw emotion in her voice when she said it That’s the essence of this case" said Euren an assistant Cass County state’s attorneyDefense attorney Robert Hoy asked jurors if they would rely on Alonna Norberg’s word to make important decisions and said the state has "not one shred of physical evidence" to support her allegations"If Alonna Norberg is not credible and you do not believe what she has said the state’s case crumbles" Hoy said "There is no case It’s as simple as that"Jon Norberg 42 has pleaded not guilty to one count of gross sexual imposition a Class AA felony punishable by up to life in prison and one count of reckless endangerment a Class C felony punishable by up to five yearsIf jurors find him not guilty of one or both charges they must consider a lesser included offense under each chargeUnder the gross sexual imposition charge the lesser included offense is a Class A felony punishable by 20 years in prison It takes out the element of the charge that Alonna Norberg had serious bodily injury inflicted upon herThe lesser offense under the reckless endangerment charge is a Class A misdemeanor carrying up to one year in prison It excludes the element that Jon Norberg manifested extreme indifference to human lifeWho had the planAttorneys for both sides depicted the other’s client as scheming for their own benefitIn the case of Alonna Norberg Hoy argued that she made up the allegations against her husband to make him look bad and gain the upper hand in the divorce case she was planning Hoy said she "knew that she had some baggage" health issues and narcotics abuse that could hurt her chances in a custody battle for their three children Hoy said Alonna Norberg knew a domestic violence allegation would be the "trump card""The bottom line here is that desperate people will do desperate things" he saidAs he did throughout the trial Hoy hammered on the fact Alonna Norberg met with a divorce attorney for the first time on June 16 hours before one of the two incidents in which she says she woke up to her husband sexually assaulting her"Well coincidences do happen" Euren said addressing the issue in his closing statement "That’s all I can say about that""This isn’t coincidence by any stretch of the imagination" Hoy saidEuren said it was Jon Norberg who had a plan to drug his wife with the powerful sedative propofol and have sex with her allegedly on four occasions between Sept 1 2010 and June 20 2011"This case is not about her diagnosis or her medications or how many there were" Euren said "It’s not about the divorce It’s about Alonna Norberg being drugged with propofol and Dr Jon Norberg having sexual intercourse with her in various forms That’s the case"Sedation alertness keyEuren said Jon Norberg put his wife at risk by giving her propofol without the proper medical equipment on hand and by having sex with her while she was on the drug"When you’re engaged in sex you’re not thinking much about anything else" he saidHoy said Jon Norberg administered the drug carefully and that the sex had been mischaracterized"The idea that after your wife would feel better and perhaps her libido would return and you would engage in normal marital relations it’s not a dirty thing It’s not a bad thing It’s a good thing That’s what couples do" he saidKey issues of contention remain whether Jon Norberg meant to put his wife in a minimal level of sedation or a moderate level – the latter having stricter guidelines – and whether Alonna Norberg was unconscious at any point during her sedationHoy also recalled testimony from defense experts who said Alonna Norberg’s version of the June 16-17 incident was "simply not anatomically possible"Inconsistent statementsBoth attorneys tried to point out discrepancies in testimonyHoy noted that Alonna Norberg originally told police she had run over to a neighbor’s house on the morning of June 17 2011 to use the phone and drop off evidence of her husband’s alleged propofol use on her She later acknowledged it was in the afternoonEuren said statements by Jon Norberg that he didn’t have sex with his wife on the night of June 16-17 conflicted with his reference to oral sex that night during a recorded phone conversation between him and his wife on July 5 with police listening inHoy suggested Alonna Norberg’s behavior after the alleged June 2011 assaults – she didn’t have a rape kit conducted didn’t talk to police for more than two weeks and didn’t collect clothing or bedding – was inconsistent with her training as a medical doctor and her expertise in sexual assault cases including helping to develop standards for gathering evidence"She wrote the book literally" he saidBut Euren said Alonna Norberg was simply acting like a victim of sexual assault alluding to earlier testimony that victims behave differently and may delay reporting of assaults especially in cases involving couples’Stop this shipwreck’Euren reminded jurors about the biggest surprise of the trial which occurred last week when Alonna Norberg’s father Robert Knorr testified that Jon Norberg met with him eight days before the trial and suggested Alonna Norberg recant her statements as part of a "global settlement" to resolve the criminal matter their pending divorce case and a civil suit between the two men"That tells you something about the state of mind of Dr Jon Norberg" Euren saidBut Knorr agreed with Jon Norberg’s assessment that the trial wouldn’t be good for the couple’s children Hoy noted saying Jon Norberg "apparently is the only one that was concerned about his kids""He should be given credit for trying to stop this shipwreck and this spectacle before it happened" Hoy saidDoctor testifiesTestimony concluded early Tuesday with prosecutors aiming to bolster Alonna Norberg’s credibility by calling as their final witness a Sanford Health physician who treated herDr Michael Gonzales who works in Sanford’s pain medicine department said he treated the 42-year-old for three or four years He said she suffered from chronic pain associated with Sjogren’s syndrome an immune system disorderGonzales cited "numerous references" to Sjogren’s throughout Alonna Norberg’s medical records from many providers including Sanford and Mayo Clinic and he confirmed the diagnosis"She was certainly pretty severely debilitated by her condition That part was striking And she was suffering from a great deal of pain that required the use of a fair amount of medication to help to control it" he saidWith Gonzales as a rebuttal witness prosecutors tried to repair the damage done by defense expert witnesses who testified that Alonna Norberg appeared to be faking her symptoms and "doctor shopping"Gonzales said he investigated the possibility that Alonna Norberg who also is a doctor may have been faking her pain symptoms"My conclusion was that the symptoms that she was expressing to me were consistent with her medical history and the findings and the conditions that she presented" he saidHoy attempted to paint Gonzales as a pill pusher in cross-examination noting that within a few months of Alonna Norberg returning clean from an Arizona treatment facility she attended for painkiller dependence in early 2009 Gonzales prescribed her an opioid painkiller at her suggestionThough The Forum does not usually identify alleged victims of sexual assaults Alonna Norberg consented to be named to contest her husband’s claims that she gave him permission to use propofol on her and that he never sexually abused herReaders can reach Forum Communications reporter Mike Nowatzki at (701) 241-5528Marlene Gardner the administrative assistant in the IU dean of students office confirmed Reesor is a finalist at the Indiana school along with Towson University Associate Vice President of Campus Life Teri Hall and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Beth HellwigWhoever is selected will succeed Pete Goldsmith who will retire according to a February news release from the schoolReesor has been at UND since 2011 sharing a picture of Dino laughing, most of it borrowed from a bank. think that the best option for their children might be the thing they most dread – to remain apart. was the creation of high schools in the Midwest as a means to provide more opportunities to youth."There is an opportunity here before things get worse, 10, Young, after the birth of his newborn daughter Princess Charlotte." 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