first_imgApril 24, 2009 Today, we report on the concrete pour of a staircase for Arcosanti’s new Visitor’s pathway. In this photo, you see the process of mixing concrete. Buckets are filled with sand, gravel and cement, and the final ingredient, water, is sprayed directly in the concrete mixer. [Photo: Alison Gross & text: dkt] Afterwards, the concrete is transported with wheel-barrows to the formwork (see report from April 22. 2009). Shovels are used for spreading the thick mixture. [Photo: Alison Gross & text: dkt] These photos show some of the finishing details for this pour. In the upper images, Construction crew-member, Andrew Woodard, is showing a workshop-participant how to vibrate the concrete for pushing the air-bubbles out, and how to use a trowel for smoothing out the surface. The bottom left picture shows screeding and leveling the slab of the staircase. In the last photo, you see the staircase connecting to the existing pathway. [Photo: Alison Gross, dkt, and sa & text: dkt]last_img

April 24 2009 Today we report on the concrete

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