first_img BBC Officially Cancels ‘Class,’ And I’m SadSchool’s Out for ‘Class’ Creator Patrick Ness Stay on target This article contains spoilers for “Brave-ish Heart,” episode five of Class season one.Did you ever have to make up your mind—pick one up and leave the other behind? It’s not easy and not often kind.That Lovin’ Spoonful lesson is one April, and Charlie learn the hard way.Since gallantly leaping through a crack in space and time, April and one-night-stand Ram are stuck in the realm of the Shadow Kin—the “Underneath.”“You can’t really hope we’re going to make it out of this alive,” our quixotic leader tells her friend, before dropping the bombshell that “I’m going to kill the king.”The king, with whom April shares her heart, and whose murder would result in her own concurrent death. But when you’re a pissed-off teenager, who has time for petty details?April & Ram take a break from hunting the Shadow Kin king to discuss theology (via BBC)Certainly not Charlie, Tanya, Matteusz, Quill, and the rest of the Earth-bound dream team, fending off killer flower petals and arguing over which race to annihilate. (Shadow Kin or extant blossoms? Vote in the comment section below.)The group—a ragtag bunch of students and their reluctant physics teacher, assembled by the Doctor himself—are really fusing together as a family. After only a month of fighting monsters and saving the world, the students have found a way to care for each other that goes beyond selfie-taking BFFs.I applaud writer Patrick Ness for his ability (on the page and the screen) to make young characters, often living in an unbelievable world, perfectly believable. And for remembering to always pause for comic effect.(How heartwarmingly cute was that conversation between April and Ram, just before she viciously attacks Corakinus? “Teenagers,” the Shadow Kin sighs.)Quill, Ames, Charlie, and Matteusz can’t see eye to eye (via BBC)A common thread through this episode, and this series, young love rears its confusing head again when Charlie and Matteusz declare their feelings in front of Quill and new head teacher Dorothea Ames (Pooky Quesnel), who has a gun trained on the Pole.Torn between sacrificing his entire people for the love of a few, Charlie must decide whether or not to use the Cabinet of Souls—”the closest weapon of mass destruction we have to hand,” according to Ames—and on what species.“If I use it, I will have nothing,” the Prince explains. “The souls of my people…”“Will have saved the souls of another people,” Ames says.“But not destroy the right people,” Quill argues.“Which would make you as bad as the Shadow Kin,” Matteusz pleads. “The Shadow Kin, who kill whole species.”The debate ends abruptly with a gunshot—and a secret plan.Tanya, Ram, and April (via BBC)April, merciful defeater of the Corakinus, has taken the throne as Shadow Kin king (“They call you ‘King,’ even if you’re a woman”), and returned to Earth with Ram, ready to fight another day. Or, in this case, a flourishing breed of savage flower petals.Just as Charlie, on the verge of declaring his intention to the Cabinet of Souls, must make up his mind—fire-type humanoids vs carnivorous florets—April’s newfound army sails in, consuming the multiplying flowers.“I’ve sent them into shadow,” she said of her army.“What are you going to do with an army?” her utterly flummoxed mother asks—in one of the best lines of the episode (a close second to dad Hew’s earlier response to Ames’ directive outside Coal Hill Academy).Mrs. MacLean and Tanya hold out hope for April (via BBC)With Corakinus secured in a tomb on Underneath, and the portal between the Shadow Kin world and Earth destroyed, April and her friends can finally get back to normal (because that’s how these sci-fi adventure shows work, right?).Perhaps a new normal for April and her no-longer-physically disabled mum, who has had some impressive CGI work done, considering actress Shannon Murray was actually paralyzed in a diving accident at age 14. (She went on to become the UK’s first professional model with a disability.) Charlie, however, may never quite return to normal: The boy was, after all, mere milliseconds from committing genocide—and not sure how to reconcile with it.A fine way to tie up loose ends introduced last week, “Brave-ish Heart” renews my belief in Class and reignites my excitement for the final three chapters.Missed episode four of Class? Check out our recap of “Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart,” as well as our reviews of Doctor Who.last_img

No One Forced Anybody Into Anything on Class

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