first_imgToday’s big Xbox announcement starts in under an hour., like so many other gamers, will watching Microsoft’s livestream, but in the minutes leading up to the event we’ll be following IGN’s pre-game show.IGN started things at noon (eastern time), 60 minutes ahead of the 1PM event. In addition to IGN staffers, the one-and-only Peter Molyneux will be providing commentary leading up to the next-gen news we’ve all been waiting for. We’re expecting the thoughtful, avuncular Molyneux that we’ve all come to know and sort-of-love, along with lots of speculation about the upcoming console as well as some talk about the his iPad game, Curiosity.And then once the Xbox reveal starts, at 1PM, we’ll switch this page over to Microsoft’s livestream so you can get the full, unadulterated coverage of the event, beamed to you straight from Redmond.Notes from the Xbox One reveal…Your living room is too complex and slow, Microsoft wants to help. Today Microsoft will unveil the “ultimate all-in-one” … the Xbox One.Yes, the new console is the Xbox One. From the looks of it, it’s quite large and has a two-tone exterior. There is a newly designed Kinect too. Early on the host is highlighting the voice commands, the speed of swapping operations, and the gesture controls.With Snap Mode Xbox One has real multi-tasking. You can use Internet Explorer while watching TV, or get league standings and related data while watching sports. Using the Xbox One you can view live TV (using an HDMI pass-through), watch on-demand movies, use Skype, get online, and do all the other stuff you’d expect from the Xbox.Xbox 720 specsIt’s a 64-bit box with a 500GB hard drive, an 8-core processor, and 8GB of memory. Other highlights include USB 3.0, Blu-ray, and WiFi Direct. There will be HDMI in/out and 802.11n as well.It has three operating systems in one: the Xbox OS, with Windows kernel, and a connection system between the two for instant switching and multitasking. You can switch to a game as if it it was just another channel on your TV.New KinectCompletely redesigned for conversational voice along with time-of-flight sensing for maximum accuracy. The host talked about it being able to sense individual photons (which seems impossible) but the bigger point is that this should have a entirely new level of accuracy.Xbox One’s cloud will be powered by over 300,000 servers, where the original Xbox used just 500.There will be a dedicated game DVR with sharing and editing tools built right into the console. (Just like the PS4.)The Xbox will be able to handle 4x more calculations per second than the Xbox 360. MS claims “human-like intelligence” with “10x more animation depth and detail”.Xbox One games[By the way, we’re 33 minutes in and Microsoft has not showed off a single game yet. Wait… there’s EA’s FIFA, the world’s most popular sports game.]And here’s another game: Forza Motorsport 5. It’s hard to tell from Microsoft’s live stream, but this will likely be a very pretty, highly detailed game. This will be launch game.Next up is Remedy’s Quantum Break. MS is announcing 15 exclusive titles for the first year, 8 of which will be new IP.TV on Xbox OneTV will be truly personalized for the first time ever. And TV will now become social. Microsoft will do this using “with magic and science”.First up, Halo. Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries, cleared the way for Steven Spielberg… yes, that Steven Spielberg … who introduced a “premium” Halo television series.Fantasy footballMicrosoft is specifically calling out Xbox One as a fantasy football platform. Xbox is partnering with the NFL which will being exclusive content and tools that will benefit football fans and fantasy football players alike.In the biggest of all games news: Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Ghosts will launch timed exclusive DLC only on Xbox One. It will have the new engine players have clamored for for years.Release date and more informationAll MS has to say about the release date is that the Xbox One will be released “this year”. More information will be revealed at E3 next month.last_img

Xbox 720 reveal Microsofts next console is the Xbox One

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