first_imgIt should come as no surprise to anyone that EA Sports doesn’t reinvent the wheel every year it pumps out new installments of its licensed franchises across pretty much every major collegiate and professional sports association.However, these pictures will make even the most ardent skeptic take a second glance. The screenshots, compiled by, show the latest edition of EA‘s iconic FIFA series on the Wii, compared side-by-side with last year’s edition.The results are stunning. Not only does it appear as though there were absolutely no graphical enhancements made for the new version, every single gameplay mode is the same. The adjustments consist solely of an update to the team rosters and uniforms…and a new logo.Again, no one really expects an incredibly different experience from a FIFA game (or an NCAA basketball game, or even a Madden game for that matter) one year to the next, but one does have a reasonable expectation to see at least some effort put in other than uploading a new text file into the game’s database. Remember, EA is charging full price for the new version.This does nothing but reinforce the perception that third-party publishers put less time into their Wii titles than other consoles. Of course, there is also a FIFA 13 game which promises a much different experience heading out for the impending Wii U, which launches in November.That, however, is not much comfort to Wii gamers who plunked down $50 for a game that is quantifiably no different than a game that could be purchased for about half the price. If you bouth FIFA 12 last year and FIFA 13 this year for the Wii, you have every right to be more than a little upset with EA.More at Nintendo Gamerlast_img

FIFA 13 on Wii is virtually identical to FIFA 12

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