first_imgWhen Google decided to pull out, or at least pull back its operations in China, the scene was set for Chinese search company Baidu to dominate. While it may of had its own way for a while, Baidu now has a new competitor on the Chinese market, and it’s certainly not one that will disappear in the face of strict regulation.The new search engine is called Panguso and is capable of searching for news, websites, images, videos and audio . It has been created by the state-owned telecomms company China Mobile, and the state-run news agency Xinhua. By joining forces it is thought all the bases are covered with Xinhua providing news and content while China Mobile runs the search engine behind the scenes.AdChoices广告With every aspect of Panguso being owned and run by the state, conforming to rules will not be an issue as it will happen by default. The question is, will Panguso be able to compete with Baidu which already has such a dominant position in China?Read more at Xinhuanet, via CNETlast_img

Forget Google Baidus competition is stateowned Panguso search

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