first_imgMost of us were disappointed to learn that NASA’s new life form wasn’t an alien, but instead an arsenic based bacteria. But while that may not sound that exciting, the bacteria could potentially have plenty of green benefits.According to phosphorus expert Dr. James Elder, the newly discovered creatures could be put to use cleaning up toxic waste. Since arsenate is a common build-up with toxic waste, these creatures could be ideal for helping with clean up efforts. But that’s not all! Elder also says that there’s potential for an arsenic based ethanol, which could serve as a very efficient alternative fuel. As opposed to traditional ethanol, an arsenic-based one wouldn’t require the growing of crops. And, thanks to the arsenic, the new ethanol also wouldn’t be easily contaminated.These are all just ideas, of course, but they show that these tiny bacteria may just have a bigger impact here on Earth than we thought.Via io9last_img

Arsenic Life Could Help Clean Toxic Waste Produce New Fuel

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