first_imgStep 2: Select Your LUTFor Input LUTsYour next step all depends on what type of LUT/Look you want to apply to your footage. If you’re trying to apply an Input LUT, you should navigate to the Basic Correction tab in the Lumetri Color Effect, select the menu next to Input LUT, and select Browse. You can now browse to find the input LUT on your computer.For LooksIf you want to apply a LUT to stylize your footage, you will need to use a Look. To access a .look file saved on your computer, simply navigate to the Creative Tab in the Lumetri Color Effect, select the menu next to Look, and select Browse. You can now browse to find the Look on your computer.Looking to download free LUTs for your footage? Check out our Understanding LUTS in Color Grading post.Have any tips for working with LUTs in Premiere Pro? Share in the comments below. Need to apply a LUT to your footage? No problem. Here’s how it’s done in Premiere Pro.If you’re not already familiar with the term, a LUT is an algorithm used to change the colors of a video. LUTs can be used for a number of different purposes, from correctly displaying ‘flat’ footage to exporting video for film printing. In the following post we’ll take a look at how to use LUTs in Premiere Pro.Using LUTs in Premiere ProStep 1: Apply the Lumetri Color EffectFind the Lumetri Color Effect in the effects and preset browser. Apply it to your footage or adjustment layer. Premiere Pro uses two terms for LUTs: Input LUT and Look. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two LUT terms mean in Premiere Pro.Input LUT: An Input LUT tells Premiere Pro to interpret footage in a certain way. Typically an Input LUT will be applied to flat log footage in order for it to display with the correct colors.Looks: A Look is a LUT designed to change the color style of a clip. For example, if you wanted to give your footage a ‘Blockbuster’ look, you might apply an orange and teal Look/LUT.last_img

Quick Tip: Applying LUTs to Footage in Premiere Pro

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